The Surf & Yoga Connection

As the founder of Betty Surf and Yoga, I am constantly being asked- What exactly is the connection between surfing and yoga? Something which seems so intrinsic to me, obviously calls for a little explanation, so here is a simple first lesson.

[B]The “paddle out” and baby cobra.[/B]
Lets begin with the cues for the yoga position:

  • Chest is lifted, heart is raised
  • Weight comes off the hands
  • Shoulders drop away from the ears and slide down the back
  • Engage the core
  • Hips remain in contact with the floor or board in this case, pull your pelvis to the floor
  • Legs are engaged as you lift off the mat

During the paddle out, engaging the core and following the cues listed relieves the pressure being placed on the shoulder joints and lower back, which may be absorbing the full weight and counter force associated with each stroke. Creating good form in the simple process of paddling out alleviates fatigue associated stress to joints, allows you to get more power from each stroke and avoids repetitive motion injury.

Remember how your gym coach used to say “lift with your knees…”? This is the same idea. Creating proper body alignment and fully engaging the entire body, being present mentally with what you are doing and remembering your cues, are the basics you re-learn every time you hit your yoga class.

How do you see the correlation between Surfing and Yoga? Are you a climber, kayaker or runner? Where does your yoga come into play?

I kind of like this. Yoga Betty is dealing specifically with the connection between yoga and surfing. But her questions at the end, " Are you a climber, kayaker, or runner? Where does your yoga come into play? " show that Betty sees the universal connection of yoga to all kinds of activity. Probably most of us live lives that are a little more tame, but I have often found the connection of yoga to all kinds of everyday activities. Don’t you?

Yes. It is ‘what role does yoga play in our joys.’.

I think that you are right, yoga and surf can be combined in order to improve your mental and physical competences. Aloha Surf Camp, a surf camp located in Taghazout, Morocco, has proved that. Indeed, you have the possibility to practice both of those sports during the day. Here's the website if you want to check-it out.

I highly recommend checking out Easy Surf Shop, if you're looking for the connection between yoga and surfing. They offer a fantastic range of equipment and gear that caters to both surfers and yogis. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, incorporating yoga into your surf routine can enhance your balance, flexibility, and overall performance. With the help of, you can take your surf and yoga journey to new heights, experiencing the harmony between the two disciplines firsthand.