The worst TTC became my inspiration


When I decided to do my TTC I was about 4 months into yoga, to me yoga was a 100% match and I simply wanted to learn more about yoga. Because I didn’t know much about yoga I went back to my very first yoga studio which I believed was a good one. Turned out to be a really shitty one. I didn’t vibe with my teacher for many reasons, he wasn’t dedicated to yoga, he didn’t teach techniques and he didn’t even bring up the anatomy (he just referred to a book I should buy) etc. I was really mad at him and I felt like a fool. However, this might be the best yoga experience I’ve had because I gained so much passion and understanding for what type of yoga I wanted to practice. I learned everything I wanted through all the things he lacked.

Prior to my TTC I was working closely with an amazing teacher for three months and she thaught me a lot about yoga postures and the practice. Even though the TTC was bad I had so much inspiration from my previous teacher so I was firmly comitted to doing yoga. Since my TTC in February I’ve read books to deepen my knowledge about yoga, anatomy, ayurveda and much more. I’ve also started writing my own personal yoga book with things I’ve learned and how I want to practice and teach. I find myself developing my own branch of yoga and what it means to me.

I did have a nightmare TTC but I beleive it sparked my true passion for yoga and brought me on a unique path. Though I haven’t started teaching officially yet because I want to deepen my practice and become a good qualified yogi. As of now im not sure if I should teach or prepare more. I feel like I want more knowledge to start teaching, but I also know that teaching will provide more knowledge. What would you guys say is a good level to start teaching from?


Thanks for sharing your experience @Jonatan

I think it’s very important to find teachers that you resonate with, it makes for a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Perhaps you will know yourself when you are ready, a question of confidence and comfort about what you are sharing and teaching to others.

Why not look for a teacher that will let you assist them in class, helping align peoples postures and techniques.

Just a few thoughts, perhaps there are some experienced teachers who will offer some more guidance.


Thank you for the reply, I’ve been thinking of deepening my practice with a teacher i feel good around. As you mentioned the time will be right when all comfort and confidence is at place.


I don’t think ‘worthless’ is the proper word to describe it, I did gain a lot in doing it. However, i get your point that i need to compensate and add some more practice


No offense, if they accepted your application knowing you’ve been practicing for 4 months. I guess you might wonder how thorough the course will be.

You may first go check out the TT teachers (their classes or workshops) before applying. At least you know what are they like, speak to them about their TT.

I’ll also suggest a longer training. One month intensive might be tempting. But the longer course gives you time to grow, learn and absorb.

It’s only my opinion.

Take care and good luck