Theravadaz 32 body part spell by perfect emotion

In this magic system;
This spell if for the enhancement and enrichment and enhancement of the body for perfection and it is a four minutes total spell done in the 8th ring beyond the centermost and overall ring. This is the work of a chaos mage.

A side fact is that this can be related to the squaring of the circle and things like Solomon’s temple and tzimtzum.

Also in a magic system here is another spell;
Mahayanaz million billion trillion path spell of the 36 chambers 4 minute spell.

This spell works within the ninth ring past the center most and overall ring for an accumulation of 4 minutes in abstractions recollection.

Here is another spell for a magic system;

The Buddhist’s (still kung fu kung fu) 4 minute moon spell can be understood in knowledge of the wisdom of the golden ratio 81 scales which can have two paths of perspective for perception.

1000 minutes of far side of moon aligned to earths 24 hours instead of 1440: The first has 3 overall stimulation synchronizations coming from one group of nine from each of the 137.5s which each have a value of 144 in active principle still and then there is the third from the level activated in the golden (dragon) ratio 81 scales while the overall fourth minute is from the overall level of 27 above 81 of the overall minute’s 81 (perhaps golden) while the 27 is split into action of 13.5 for overall lapsing ring starting in the polar opposite direction of the spell material focus while it is not that there are not two frequencies that work separately but it is that each compressing 81 has 40.5 made by 13.5 overall scales and the remaining work of the scales is opposite by being more still specific and still enriching rather than basic manifesting in some way through rhythm and time and intensity.

1080 minutes of close side of the moon aligned to earths 24 hours instead of 1440: this is the same but only includes the yang (order not structure) sorcerer gender form which has the overall 13.5 counted similarly for the overall minute while the other three are all of the golden 123 at a rate of 137 throughout the three embarking of 27.

The minutes within 4 minutes accumulate a perceptione of 137.5 of the 252 sets of 137.5 seconds that is relative (maybe there is a completion of abstraction made by “dull knife” ‘3’ instead of sharp ‘2’ because of the myriad fold wisdom income from the heavenly kingdoms distinguishing the future by good stride with core philosophy) and overall and scalar about the different 252 with good vast greatness of precise accurate precision.

There can be a compression process between the one vs multiple approach for the selection of constant 137.5 use which makes the condition and lets many synchronizations be pressured at once on an 81 scales and can let one method be more overall ironically while the multiple are more compressed by the present.

And no matter what favorable incarnation you become for a spell remember to love both the condition and the ignition, and the conditioner, and the rest at it’s moment’s best

In the fourth minute the opposite genderables which are each half of the ring are working as harmonic charges with the energies in them and you being in coherence with the previous minutes or even larger time scales or even additionally the accumulations of heartbeat’s smartness gives the formulas.

Rings 1,2,3 past the center most are for chi gong environmental chi wizard, and rings 4,5,6 past the center most are for tai chi environmental chi sorcerer

For any three or for three groups of three this can helps.

Moon 7th ring supremely enriched very raw power energy ratios of the self controlling nature

Earth 8th ring supremely enriched energy ratios being infused with the self and vise versa for the coherent body that is fitting conditions of environment additionally for more extreme but more reasonable access

Sun 9th ring supremely enriched energy ratios of the nature being manipulated by basic spells plan which make the body the most rawly powerful by that it synchronizes to the 9th ring and obeys its ways while creating the chaotic transfiguration ratios and casting the spell.