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Thread of Yoga
Directed by Eric Wils

A baba is doing austerities. He has been sitting in the same circle of fire for a month, the scorching himalayan sun beating on him day after day. Yogis ponder the meaning of life as dead bodies rot in The Ganges. Ether sticks to their mortal remains?.The temperature is a boiling 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is just another day. The people of the land perform asanas (physical postures) and kriyas (acts of internal purification of organs). Children play in the water. Gurus give satsang (lectures), while the elephants give their blessings knowing the world was made too small for them.
And then, as the sacred India dives deeper and deeper into the recesses of the mind, it forces all to realize that there is nothing: this is the end!?!?The world of manifestations is just an illusion.
A visual meditation that is thought provoking and compelling! Gregory James Rhem, HBO.
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