Time Space 3s and humanitarian prodigies

In the story there was Lau Tzu then Confucius then Mencius then three others after that that were unfortunately and unhelpful as they were so troubled and chaotic. So as Mencius represents number 1 and three like Lau Tzu we know that the good is in the future and the bad is in the past so I’m that way the understanding that the past was good can be found. There is Mongolia and the Uyghur land and Dalia lamas place in [Nepal or Present India] or any combination of the four places of significance here now but people I believe were innocent which is explained as considerably significant whatever way you really don’t know which makes you know are Ram Bahadur Bomjon, Nithyananda Paramashivoham, and then we all know Ramdev remembers he’s innocent. You could see a mystical three like Osho Sadhguru and Yogananda or whoever. But anyway if you sin you go to hell and if you are good you go to heaven that is the truth and beautiful words don’t describe the ugly truth so this bad entertainment prodigy framing despicable and impossible. So but anyway if you’re imagining these three Kung Fu Masters in a legend then they can be the subliminal bad three after Mencius in the order of the multi piece red Confucius Spring Autumn Analects I read but being merely noticed then run from one of the 8 to one of the heavenly new 8 types they may have maybe more maybe less or whatever to illuminate good fortune by creating the past.

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