Tips for begginers


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I’m starting my yoga adventure.

I’m going to the first class this week and I wanted to ask about general advice for begginers on yoga practice: how often to attend classes, what to pay the most attention to on the first lesson, what is the best outfit, can I drink water during classes, etc.? :wink:

I will be grateful for any advice :blush:


The most important thing is to approach the classes calmly, without stress! For sure you will learn everything during the first class. Take a comfortable T-shirt and pants and good luck! :wink:


The first tip and I think the most important is consistency so just pace yourself but make sure you keep it regular so you can actually experience change, which will motivate you to continue and even go harder. Second tip you have to be relax and stress or anxiety free best way I did that was by having as much fun and making every experience more enjoyable and just being free. When there is a positive approach towards anything its always better… Hakuna mata no worries. later when you are more regular I would recommend it will help a lot if you want to do some session at home. Last but not the least stay hydrated.