Tips for begginers


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I’m starting my yoga adventure.

I’m going to the first class this week and I wanted to ask about general advice for begginers on yoga practice: how often to attend classes, what to pay the most attention to on the first lesson, what is the best outfit, can I drink water during classes, etc.? :wink:

I will be grateful for any advice :blush:


The most important thing is to approach the classes calmly, without stress! For sure you will learn everything during the first class. Take a comfortable T-shirt and pants and good luck! :wink:


The first tip and I think the most important is consistency so just pace yourself but make sure you keep it regular so you can actually experience change, which will motivate you to continue and even go harder. Second tip you have to be relax and stress or anxiety free best way I did that was by having as much fun and making every experience more enjoyable and just being free. When there is a positive approach towards anything its always better… Hakuna mata no worries. later when you are more regular I would recommend it will help a lot if you want to do some session at home. Last but not the least stay hydrated.


Approach classes calmly is my best bet and follow the instructions of your yoga teacher will produce your best results. You can check out more info about yoga and yoga products here:


All the best Julietta for starting your yoga journey

There are bunch of advice you can get from many people for starting the yoga. Here i am going to tell you mu advice or tips for you which helps you in your yoga journey. I hope my advice will be useful for you.

  1. Arrive Early in the class
  2. Do stretching before your yoga session
  3. Take advice from your teacher
  4. Never hide your injury from teacher
  5. Tell Teacher about your injuries
  6. Do yoga at home also
  7. Read books about yoga
  8. Watch CDs about yoga
  9. Take Proper Sleep
  10. Start with Slow Pace


I've never thought of actually trying this method but, my friends had encouraged me to do it. Monthly challenges, meal plans, workout and so much more. Yoga is the keyway and this website really bought that out to me;


Hey Julietta,

I found that before I started joining classes it was really beneficial to try some home yoga sequences just so that I didn't feel shy or overwhelmed when I was surrounded by people.

You really want to get yourself a nice, comfortable pair of yoga pants (best investment I made), what you wear on top doesn't really matter too much as long as it doesn't flop over your head when you do poses like downward facing dog.

And yes definitely drink a bit of water (not enough to get a stitch) if you need it.

Also if you don't enjoy classes it's not the end of the world, don't give up on yoga all together. I didn't enjoy like the group yoga vibe so I just started doing it every day on my own and my practice has grown amazingly since then.



I am also a beginner and I found this blog post that can answer all your questions :grin:

Hope it helps! :wink:


Hi Julietta, my advice is that you practice consistently, don't get discouraged, focus on having proper form rather than depth (the depth will come), try different kinds of yoga, wear whatever is comfortable and allows you freedom to move freely, and have fun with it!


You shouldn't drink to much water in a lesson as you need to be calm and stressed to relax your muscles. you can do exercises at home though and I find that having a yoga video on CD is really good. I can suggest something like this one which I got (watch the video to the end to find out about the CD).


No one perfect in yoga, so don't think about this and start your classes. Follow your instructor and be consistent. Don't wear tight outfit it heart.