Top 20 best yoga teacher

Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness.
Being a yoga teacher comes with a lot of responsibility, apart from just teaching the poses
here is the top 20 yoga teacher you must need to fallow

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Ram Jain is one of the best teacher of Yoga.

Early life

Born into a family where Yoga has been part of life since 5 generations, my formal yoga education started at the age of eight years at a Vedic school. The day began with a yoga class, my very first yoga class; it was very awkward. Even though yoga was not new to me, I often saw my father doing it. It was my first time. I was looking around, trying to copy other students. Guruji was walking around with a stick and giving instructions. I wanted to look good and make a good impression, but I was so nervous and had no idea what to do. Still, in the end, somehow, the whole experience was beautiful, and I started to look forward to the yoga class every morning.

Not long after that first awkward moment, I remember Guruji calling me to the front and showing the new poses on me. I was timid, so I had mixed feelings of shyness and pride. More than 80 children were looking at me and trying to copy me in the class.

As the years passed, I started to assist Guruji in teaching the class, helping students much older than me. Guruji already saw my physical flexibility and ability to teach and help. But I never thought in my wildest dreams I would one day be teaching yoga to others as my profession.

Moving to Netherlands

With years of teaching experience, I came to the Netherlands in 2007 with my total life savings of 1400 euros and two suitcases mostly filled with food. I tried to find a job as a yoga teacher, but I failed to find one, primarily because I did not speak the Dutch language (I still don't).

As the eldest son, I had the responsibility to support my family. I took labor jobs in the factories and warehouses. I worked the whole week, lived in a 7m2 room with no furniture, slept on the floor, sent half of my earnings to my parents, and managed my living with the rest of the 500 euros per month for the following year.

Life was difficult. With no sight of things improving, I lost hope that things would ever change.