What are the benefits of Tratak …

Is this something a beginner can do ?


Trataka is for developing skill of concentration using some external object (like a sign, candle flame etc) as the target. General rules are to sit erect in padmasana/ sukhasana but remain relaxed and breathe normally (preferably in rhythm). Focus on the target with a steady gaze and slowly direct all the thoughts to it. This could end by closing the eyes gently and staying with the image that the brain retains for a while.

But, eyes are delicate and while concentrating, one may be tempted to either stretch the gaze longer than necessary or strain without winking. One needs patience and a good teacher. Done properly, it not only corrects vision problems, sharpens the eye-sight, slows down thoughts that tend to flit away from the target and strengthens the ability to concentrate. This ability is very useful in any important activity (like studies) but more particularly creates a foundation for meditation, and later dharana.

A teacher will also help in performing trataka while sitting in jalandhara bandh (chin lock) by tilting the eyes upwards (as much as one can easily do) when the gaze directly points to ajna chakra in the brain’s frontal lobe.


[QUOTE=Layman;65957]What are the benefits of Tratak …

Is this something a beginner can do ?[/QUOTE]

on the physical level tratak improves eye muscles and might improve vision

on the psychic level tratak develops good concentration and calms the “monkey mind”


Is it advisable for a beginner ? how long it should be done ?


I think, beginners can do traataka, with great caution though. Having a teacher will reduce the risk of hurting the eyes.

In Yoga everything is an “effect” and one works on its “cause”. So, each aspect of Yoga practice has to go through three broad stages: (1) that requires efforts; (2) efforts reduce as one understands the ‘cause & effect’ process and
(3) efforts are minimal as one masters the process.

Likewise in traataka, the thumb-rule is never to hurt the eyes (no tears) and to blink naturally. Start with 10 seconds and add to it each week only if permitted by the teacher. Time is of no essence but ease of doing should perceptibly grow.


suhas, 10 seconds wont be even a cycle of inhale-exhale… do you mean 10 minutes?


Thanks. It should be 10 normal breathing cycles, not seconds. Apologize for the slip.


Tratakayoga is good for problems with the eyesight, but should not be practiced when suffering from [I]cataract[/I] or [I]glaucoma[/I]. I agree with the other posts, that it is also good for the concentration and as a preparation exercise for the meditation. “It strengthens the mind power and gives divine visions.” - from Yogamrita.


Trataka is a gazing meditation and yes it can be practiced by a beginner but under an experienced Yoga Guru.


Great traditional practice. Sat Nam:pray::pray::pray: