Trataka -spinning red dot framed in green



2 weeks ago started doing trataka using a candle.
I had my Kundalini awakened which happened on this past Mahashivratri while doing mantra, going through kriyas now, but decided to do some cleaning and activating chakras(from Kundalini tantra book)
Im only exlerienced in japa, bhakti, and basic yoga asanas with anulom vilom.
While doing trataka i cant see any flame when close eyes only a red kind of dot(oval shape) which spinns and framed in a green square. I see it with open eyes at the bottom of the flame after a few mins of practicing but no flame whatsoever with closed eyes.
Where is the flame, and what this strange dot is appearing each time???
I ll appreciate somebody's help :slight_smile:

Aum Shanti