Travel Companion!

Hi all,

My names Sabina and Im a Polish female currently residing in Ontario, Canada. I am very physically fit (although Im just getting back into shape after the birth of my second child) and found Yoga three years ago.

I want to travel to Indian and enrol in a Yoga teacher training course. Thing is, Id love a female travel companion who wants to complete the same course, preferably someone from North America.

Ill be going in 2012, March hopefully, and was thinking of attending Yoga Point. If anyone has any pointers or knows of a better school Im always open to good advice. Thanks for reading.


It's cool to think about all the places you could explore together. Have you looked at road scholar reviews ? They're all about trips that mix learning with traveling, which might attract folks looking for a companion too. Here's to finding someone who's as excited to see the world as you are!