Travel Yoga Mats Review

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[U]I searched and didn’t find a thread specifically for travel mats[/U], so I will hijack this “inspired” review thread and turn it into something useful for the vagrants among us.

I travel 300+ days a year and have had some difficulty finding a mat that meets the following list of impossible demands:
-A. Folds relatively nicely into a suitcase
-B. Does not weigh a tonne
-C. Still can be rolled up and slung over the shoulder with a sling (without collapsing)
-D. Is fluffy enough to be used on Linoleum or tile, and strong enough not to disappear into carpet.

If anyone [I]who doesn’t own a Mat company[/I] has a recommendation for something which would meet these needs, please do share!

Now, the only ‘travel mat’ that I have is a Manduka EkoLite for which I will give you a frequent-flyer’s review:

It’s is good for one extra layer of waterproof padding while camping, and is slick-free, which made it useful when I was traveling through the tropics or maybe for people who do hot sweaty yoga (not me). It folds up nicely, (I have often used it as a barrier to swaddle things into my suitcase so they don’t get all shuffled around). It also rolls up into a long thick club-like stick which fits in the over-head compartments on most airlines and can easily be shoved underneath your seat area if the person beside you doesn’t mind you encroaching slightly on their space. The heavy, club-like nature also makes it an excellent (albeit rubbery) weapon against people trying to burgle you.

I have to put blankets over it so that my knees didn’t get crushed on the floor beneath it whenever I use it for yoga on a hard surface. When using it over a carpeted floor, however, I just sort of sink into it and it’s hard to do poses such as adho mukha, because my wrists sink much lower than my fingers and it is not comfortable. This mat would be perfect if I: always stayed in hotels with that thick-yet-soft waterproof-style carpet. If the thickness was balanced between the two, I’d be very satisfied.

As it stands, I quit traveling with my Manduka mostly, and just take my regular Gaiam mat from Target. It doesn’t fold up at all, but at least I have some support doing an asana practice, and I can kneel on it without a problem.

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