Treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms)



I had hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of palms of hand and foot) issue since childhood and would write with a paper or handkerchief under the hand and be shy of shaking hands with people. For various reasons I’m now looking to cure this problem.

I’m a gym rat and fairly fit otherwise, so I would probably want to consider or start with some yoga based treatments/exercises of this problem. I appreciate your time and would be grateful if you could share the options of treatments and specifically if yoga would help. Any other advice is also welcome.



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So, you said that your are not looking for cure to this problem… but you do:?

“The cause of primary hyperhidrosis is unknown, although some surgeons claim that it is caused by sympathetic overactivity”

There are breathing exercises in yoga (pranayama) which calms down sympathetic activity. You may want to try this.

Also, if you are looking for treatment, this might be a holistic approach… read some books like Holistic health by Swami Rama… maybe you can find some answers.




Hello, thanks for your response. As you said the exact reasons and treatment for HH is not known. And this is why I think it’s better to start with something like yoga. I will start finding about Pranayam and include it in my schedules. Thanks again for your response.


You are very welcome. :wink: Start with just a deep breath pranayama and maybe alternative nostril breath. do not retain the breath for now:) If you have an opportunity attend meditation classes in your city. And do not anticipate that your problem will go away in few sessions, it could take many months …




I had sweats too… In my armpits, palms and in my feet…
i do some medications regarding with this problem… and it works!


Did you try some home remedies or simple steps for curing it ?
I would suggest you not to exercise for hours. Drink at least 6 Glasses of h2O(Water) in a day. Avoid taking caffeine… If you are too lazy …get 2 water bottles =6 glass and just refill when its empty. And try to stay calm, relaxed and meditate 5-10 mins (2-3 times a day).

Here is the link: / health-tips-5 / excessive-sweating-remedies.html --> It suggests that it is due to hyper :confused: activities.



I too have same issue. Could you please provide details of the treatment you took for this. Thanks