TTC India Advice Please! (No schools need reply)


Hello everyone!

Well, here I am, attempting to take the next step in my hatha yoga practice. Both my fiance and I would love to participate in Teacher Training in India this Autumn.

But oh the choices!

After perusing many sites, I have narrowed down my choies to the following schools (in no particular order):

I know, it's not exactly a short list, but compared to the pages upon pages I have looked at, it's pretty good.

So my question to you, the lovely people of yoga forums is have you attended any of these schools? If so, what was your experience? I have narrowed these down by categories of YA Certification, dates (Nov-Dec), price (pref. less than $1500) and the appearance of a fairly balanced program (Asana practice and Philosophy). Moving forward I would like to deepen my practice after the initial 200 hr YTT in yoga therapy/prenatal/kids yoga and my fiance would like to pursue power yoga.

And PLEASE no schools, schools using fake IDs or people using fake IDs to promote or speak ill of another school or teacher. I really want everyone to put honesty and respect out there.

Thank you so MUCH!
Om Santih!



I did teacher training course December in Rishikeshyogpeeth.That time they have 38 students but they told they have 50 students for good reputation of school.They are always lie to students.Now i will decide again join for teacher training course another place.


[QUOTE=KarmaKrasna;73249]Hello everyone!

Well, here I am, attempting to take the next step in my hatha yoga practice.

Hi KarmaKrasna,I visit lot of place in Rishikesh. I feal this is good place for ttc This is also good place for ttc Main teacher Sushil is very fat but ok Very good location,good teachers are there USA alliance Certify Famous but discontinue in Rishikesh Very fat yoga teacher but good location & bed reputation Helping to everybody Bad reputation but yoga teacher is ok one Brazilian cheater running this school

Hope this will help to yoga lovers


Im I currently staying at Shri Kali after completing teacher training and am happy to skype to answer questions. I could give you a limited tour if your lucky there will be monkeys in the coconut trees!


Hi vavavikki,

I am determined to go to India and to a TTC but still having doubts about schools. Could you tell us how your experience in Shri Kali was? I would appreciate it very much, it would be a great help :smiley:




Hey Rebensee

is there some questions you have? I leave my skype on my profile so you could talk directly. I think its quite individual what you can get from the school as it depends what you want.
For me I have a stronger body, I am more understanding of people, I love yoga and teaching yoga and feel confident to teach and make a relationship with students.
I have made peace with my world view and the conflict of science and spirituality, yoga and medicine, meditation and participation in the world.
I’ve got a whole lot more guts, a passion to learn (and read, I couldn’t read muc h before).

What are you looking for from yoga and Tantra? Feel free to add me on skype if you want a chat. I’m in Scotland just now I can only give you a virtual tour of my mums house hehe.



I am headed to Rishikesh in April and am attending JeevMoksha Institute! I’m pretty excited about it! Can anyone give me any feedback on this school?

Thank you!


Here's what I've found on Jeevmoksha:

Hey people, I?m flying to India this October to take on a yoga teacher training course with a great yoga school in Rishikesh, India. I?m so excited I want to jump LOL.

My friend went to Rishikesh last fall. She never planned to sign up for a course, yet she applied for one and successfully finished it. She chose Jeevmoksha School of Yoga as an institution for her yoga studies. She said these guys were ? awesome.? Well, let?s see?

UPDATE: Jeevmoksha school sucked big times. Hopefully, I?ll make myself to write about it once I return home from India.

Overall, their reputation in Rishikesh is doubtful. The so-called institute is one single person, Vinay Chaitanya. He pretends to know everything so he teaches each and every class. He occupies roof-top at his friend's guesthouse Rishikesh Sadan. I personally know a few students of his who demanded their money back after a week of training.

BTW, Jeevmoksha guruji partnered with founders of the Himalayan Yoga Academy back in 2012. Seems it didn't work out. I guess the abovementioned friend studied with Jeevmoksha when it was run by foreign managers.