TTC program with nutrition emphasis

Hello! I’m currently teaching English in South Korea. Once my contract is finished in a few months I’d like to attend a TTC program in India. However, i can travel to any location in Asia or Europe.

Over the past few years, nutrition, specifically plant based diets, have become incredibly important to me and my life style. My plan in life is to promote healthy eating and exercise.

Therefore, I’m trying to find the best nutritionally supported TTC workshop. I’ve having trouble weeding through the extensive TTC options and am looking for personal recommendations…please?

Any information guiding me in the right direction would be extremely useful.


(I’m aware that almost all program discuss nutrition but I’m trying to find a TTC with the strongest link to nutrition.)

Dear Nutrition Lover

You’ve started a nice discussion here but personally I’m finding it a bit difficult to understand your question (it’s not your mistake though). My question is:

Are you looking for nutrition as a part of the TTC curriculum or a TTC workshop where nutritious food is provided?

Thank you! I’m basically trying to find the program that’s most nutritionally based, curriculum-wise. I’m looking to understand healthy-body and healthy-food-consumption practices while studying.

I should also mention that I abstain from consuming dairy. Does any one know of a vegan based TTC? Or, really, vegan un-friendly centers? I don’t want to be overly concerned about what is in the food while at the ashram. (i.e. obsessively asking if there is dairy in everything. Consuming dairy then doing yoga would be…awkward :o).

Most of the yoga schools here in India provide “[B]Sattvic Diet[/B]” and it’s also part of their curriculum. If you remove dairy products from sattvic diet, perhaps it might become a vegan diet.

Do you know any programs that puts a stronger emphasis on sattvic diets?

Sorry, if I sounds over the top. I would prefer to make an ‘educated’ decision over what just seems like the best. I feel like every recommendation I’ve read has both pros and cons for everything (style, location, commercial vs non commercial etc.). I decided to make my decision based on nutrition and i’m having trouble searching for the right yoga program.

Any info would be hugely welcomed! Even knowing what schools spend minimal time on the nutritional aspect of Yoga would be a help.


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Hello ladies,

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