Two great DVDs, possibly three


Watched this one a while ago and I recommend it Forks over knives

I just watched Foodmatters this past week and that too is very good

and I will be watching Hungry for Change soon

The first one changed my diet and got the cardiologist to kick me out of his office after telling me I’m too healthy to be there, but I have been slipping since Christmas but the second one has put me back on track


I think I mentioned to you a while back that after watching the movie forks over knives, my daughter and I switched from being vegetarian to vegan. Glad that you found some others that helped get you back on track. I’ll have to look into the other two you mentioned. My daughter and I are going to Whole Foods this week to hear Rip Esselstyn give a talk about a plant based diet and its benefits. Can’t wait. And BTW, you should get his book, “My Beef With Meat.” Good and very compelling arguments against eating meat and dairy. He also has some great recipes too.

Good luck!


Check out Rip’s website, he has a few recipes and some great info there as well.

Let me know how the talk goes

I shall pick up the book, thanks


I agree with the DVD's you choose, they are an inspiration and set you thinking what not to eat! It is a scary thought how much precious land is sacrificed to keep the beef burgers coming! FMTV, Foodmatters' "Netflix" has many good DVD to keep you being motivated to eat healthily and safe our Mother Earth consciously


A couple (mainly about making juice) I've watched are "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" and "May I Be Frank". I've been juicing for decades now.

In the 60's when I was young, people ate moderately and overweight people were very rare. Today people pig-out on monster size burgers etc