U R one of us


Went to swim,
enjoy sea,
letting water
take my fears.

But,nothing happened
while I was floating,asking.

I dived,
again, and again,
looking at the bottom sea grass,
few stones,
sea water greenish-blue,
holding me-
a precious baby.

I asked sea to take away
my fears,all kind of fears.

No responses received.

Swam to shallow water,
rested with feet on pebbles.
As always,small fish came,
3 or maybe 4,
nibbled on my heels,
cleaning service-
-thank you!

Later,in the deep,floating,
I asked again-

Answer came:
No need for this,
U R one of us!


Correct answer I received was-no need to ask,u r one of us.I was not able to edit later,cos editing time is limited.