UK Yoga Retreat - last minute offer


Hi I have had 4 last minute cancellations for a retreat I am running in the UK from the 26th till the 28th March (in 2 weeks time). I was wondering if any teachers out there have any good suggestions about where is good to advertise these last minute places. It would be such a shame to have empty rooms, as it will be such a lovely retreat! Would really appreciate your suggestions, thank you. Sarah


Sarah, im sorry to hear that, good luck with sorting it out. Did you get deposites up front? or will you be completly out of pocket if you can’t fill places?

Have you tried finding online yoga forums (as well as this one), there are lots of others, maybe using twitter, and phoning yoga friends (maybe some who maybe teachers and can share with there class)? Do you work in a bigh company? maybe spread the word there?

Good luck


Thank you for your reply. I have a small deposit from the people but really do need to fill the spaces to cover my costs and make a little money if poss!

Great advice - I hadn’t thought of asking my friends who are teachers too to put the word out.

Does anyone know of any forums where you can post events/retreats for free? I don’t want to break any rules by advertising on forums which are meant for discussion if you know what I mean!

Thank you so much
Sarah Oakley
Yoga and Meditatiton Teacher


Have you tried the various yoga groups on Facebook?