Underwear to keep things 'tucked away' during Yoga


Hi all,

I'm new to this forum (this is my first, if rather embarrasing post) and been practising Yoga now for around 6 months, I'm still very much a beginner!

When doing certain poses and exercises I find that there is always a bulge in my shorts which I am very conscious of. It doesn't stop me doing the session, and as far as I'm aware nobody in my class (95% women) has either noticed or just not being bothered. I think it's in my own mind but I find it off putting. I keep tetlling myself that it's just my body and I'm sure there are women out there who probably have the similar concerns about their anatomy being on show. I'm very conscious of bing one of only a cople of guys in a very female environment.

I have a loose fitting flexible yoga shorts and a generic phys t-shirt that I'm very happy with. Underneath though I've tried various types of underwear from tight trunk style boxers, loooser boxer shorts, underarmour undershorts but I always find the same issue. Is there any underwear that people would recommend to help keep things 'packed away' down there?

Sorry of this is a really daft question, and I do wonder if the answer is in my head rather than anything else! I'd be curious to hear from any women too to get your thoughts.

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PS: Sorry for the many typos that I have seen since posting this! :see_no_evil:


Have you tried a ladies panty girdle ? maybe look up some transgender videos on how to tuck.


Hi Yogi85,

I think you are right about:

It's a pretty normal thing that you feel that way. But the problem is, when you're worrying about that, you're not in the flow--> You can't practice yoga properly.

So my advice would be maybe try a different yoga leggings, probably a long one.
I mean something like this

Have a good one!