Vajrasana Siddhi


I've read on lot of websites that if someone cannot perform Padmasana properly Vajrasana can be a good substitute.

So, it is possible to reach Asana Siddhi, to sit 3 hours in Vajrasana if you progress slowly?

I mean, you won't have any problems from that? The body can adapt completely? Just because in this kneeling posture your whole bodyweight is on the feet and calves.

I can already sit in this posture 45 minutes without any endurable discomfort. So, is it a realistic goal to achieve Asana Siddhi with this posture?

Thanks for the answers! :slight_smile:


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Hello Indra,
There are some studies that indicate Vajrasana pose useful for reducing discomfort for people with lower back pain, useful for hypertension, aid in digestion and strengthening pelvic muscles. Start with putting a blanket under your knees and ankles for the beginning. I think you can achieve Asana siddhi with this posture. Please be cautious not to push yourself with this pose if you are pregnant, have knee problems, a spinal cord condition or hernia.