Vegan and the space of lifestyle

The princess or prince knowing they are safe outside out of their nobility house when they visit the attributed environment or friendly setting is the same as a common person to the government who, is wishing to have self sustainability tracks of primitive/self alone survival process or at least self alone stronghold storage reliance and harmony of vegan food, having the future guaranteed or the option guaranteed because it is the nature of the settlement of the mind and as many can understand to help teach by is that solitude is very important to healthy or whatever trendy word for describing a healthy un disturbed mind there is. This goes the same for all essentials on @veganstringbean channel. All body systems are interconnected. The thoughts and the body are in the same reality.
Until this is assured there will be sacrifices in everyone’s life (from their resources (all are already…) and perfection to the final humanity goal will be suspended by the laws of natural science. What is likewise that is like the survival storage is guaranteed food from assigned farmers that is esteemed and that is okay for stimulus check-like preservance until the guarantee for our primitive free allowance is respected actually. life is not linear considerably significantly, as there are no wise people (adults) on the planet. We must always do better. Anyone who wants to surpass the health threshold to evolve into conservatives as a start and general successful nature of sentient beings, can get there. Just as conservative can be seen as a part of every life because it means essential (no less the perfect happiness), liberal can be seen as the amount of hair’s length and supply on your head and that is still seriously liberal relative to others personally designs… there is a level of complexity to essential things. :+1:

I hate this plant because of humans
Best emergency foods from my best estimate to worst for effortless living

Coconuts (most sustainable concerning body and environment) (mature balls have no excessive amounts of nutrients or whatever) (dry farming no water) needs tropical land hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot (needs about a 1/4 of an acre to get enough water and food from the nuts like six trees for the brown nuts and about 6 for the green ones so we better be thankful. You can make your own rope with the fibers in the foamy shell layer.

Millets (dry farming) (finger millet is known as best and can handle tropical land with more water) (good with peri peri sauxe) (great nutrients)

Potatoes (dry farming) (great nutrients) (great with vegan butter and vegan sour cream and hot sauce)

Corn (dry farming) (sweet uncooked) (all things mystically become the corn in a favorite story of mine)

Moringa (dry farming) (needs tropical land) (great nutrients supplements)

Water with the lentil farming (great nutrients)

Maybe fire with the wheat (great nutrients)

If you make over 100000 usd level dollars a year you should pack 5000 dollars of vegan food a year and then give it to the poor.

Think about the body’s skin in as prana (you can cup your boobs and see the jointed ness from the big knuckles when you squeeze them and think about the strong structure of them). Prana is long lasting and most essential generally. The 1 intersection level of the 81 scales can be in the prana if you’d like. Remember intelligence is art and the philosophic body is the athletic body. Also remember to have a strong physical and simple intense emotions and a clear mind and method to always have chances to experience superconciousness.

And from there maybe touch the center of your chest and with your fingers and from there until that big joint angled perpendicular out is mana and that barrier is not the skin itself but is a wave or still maybe a plain but flatter one. The three or four inches depending on how you measure it like maybe 3 or 4 distal phalanges for 3 or 4 index’s or 3 or four middles. Mana is medium lasting and represents the general present and present. This mama can be layered by the inner prana mana chi qualities for example. The 1 intersection level or the 1 intersection level plus the 3 intersection level of the 81 scales can be there if you like that.

From mana barrier in the aura to the outer aura on the inside of the aura is chi; this lasts until as far as you can reach with any conscious body part for example. Think of vortexes in the chi this is the most chaotic layer of the aura for this method. The rest of the 81 scales structure can be in this level for what I like.

Outside of the aura is the outer chi. All things are within the chi and when you are closest to it it is its mana and when you are touching/within its happiness it is prana in general.

Think of the surface of the body as prana
And when you push a little into your abdominalish area or really anywhere squishy notice that next, is mana, and when you push in a little more in than that it’s chi. And a little bit more or you add another unit to the depth in conceptual reality you can put another chi inside there.

Also for the inside you might want to think about this.
The bones are prana
the muscles with its blood and fibers are manaprana (for a nice style maybe understand that these are mana prana but can also be prana mana and it is all based off of the conciousness)
The different blood vessels are prana chi mana or chi prana mana.
The sweat is chi mana
The food is prana chi
The drink is mama chi
And the breath is chi chi

If you want try thinking about this more exciting stuff:;
The feet are roots
The knees are clouds
The hips are strong earth tree horizons between the earth and the rest of the tree and we can move the tree by moving the dirt around surrounding the hips using magic to make it mystically move out of the way
Your heart can be bopped 81 times mimicking one of the monkeys
Your arms can pump with the fingers hooked towards the shoulders pumping the limbs towards the shoulders with the distance shifting between 9 distal phalanges, that make you 72 high, when you pump creating 60degrees just like a thumb tips touching and pointer fingers touching shape.
Then you can hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo like one of the monkeys to talk like them.

Act liberal in action and conservative in reaction.
Love is the sander and wisdom is the chisel
Bliss if defined by many gurus as lonely happiness.

Another method to have fun safely:
Imagine two big spheres above your head and one sucks in energy matter and the other spits it out. Interestingly enough energy as the adjective is also meant to me here as the/a subjective noun. There is some matter in the energy (matter energy) and there is some energy in the matter but this matter may be called something like block matter by the motto and philosophy of form equals function which is very nice in science.
The big chakras suck in all types of things for sure and spit out flat circular energy planes with mandalas or something on them usually into the inner aura. When trying to catch them and read them aligned let Muhammad’s navel hair {PBUI} take the wheel and you can rub the dust of the bottom and the top of course. And they spit out spherical clouds into the outerness beyond your inner chi aura.

Then think about the smooth and continuousness of the waves far out in the Red Sea on a windy day. That one is a lot like the waves that are created by the traces of the fingers and toes when outstretched reaching around the outer auras electromagnetic around the 9 sets of 9 sensitive tips from the 81 scales you could like to imagine if you want that there to construct and upkeep the chaoticness that is limitedly structured, and structuredly limited by the structures of the swabhava; matter of limbs energy of complections and maybe imaginary energy of limbs moving or completions of the outside. Remember the mind is in the same reality as the body.
This chaotic outer wave style is more of a rocky rocky wavy wavy wavy surface than the inner smoother and continuous surface area of the mana atmosphere that is more like the source though 2 (mana in this case) is described like science when one is philosophy and 3 is philosophical but 1 and 3 looked spatial by vegan string bean page definition and two looked aangly in space coordination as would be in a multi focused task including measuring relativity of displacements figured by things on scales or by the environment more, especially the environment more if it is moving matter energy that has been complexified within simplicity, but looks specific when understanding that the source of resource for energy or subject problem order or structures is the both of course special general main 1 like for environment or specific 3 for temporary environment.

For the outer mana surface imagine many triangles floating around it magnetized or pressured-so there.

The nadis could be seen as triangles that are keeping energy pathways structured that are ordered to the joints and bendy parts like neck or genitals. The energy pathways could suck energy from the belly button and carry it through the body by segments alignments by 9 or 81 flowing cables that are working by those structures like written and by their limits we can figure by strengthening the selfs techniques and remembering limiting complexities.

There are the 9 Buddhist chakras which are nice and there are the 2 more I’d add into the mouth and just above the belly button as an interesting style like I saw in an ancient artwork picture of a drawing. Which is simple but not as long lasting as the 114 chakras which is very ancient in our present perspective commonly by the teachings we’ve made up nicely for people to become supreme.

This image shows 114 chakras and they can have two above the head or on the hand as I like to see. The ones between the four lowest cubits while standing are actually made of 9 smaller chakras each that come from the legs and circulate between the legs and between them radiating nature. If they are not there they could easily be understood to calculated when they are individually or altogether within the legs but acually seperately all or in clusters travel up past the hips and to the other side when moving and they can reasonably be calculated while in the hips as while things are being finally worked with of course. This is a method I like.
Sadhguru talks about these if you look up 114 chakras

There are 27 in each (conceptual or two total for legs) cubit height plus the other arms or above head with arms.

With meditation and exercise use these for this technique

Natural organic ingredients to give a strong physical

Haritaki to give a simple intense emotion

Neeem to clear your mind

Castor to cut and dry (process) your vegan food: your superconsciousness.

The Rabbis losing his Jew sap. Hhahahah He might need to visit a tree to remember the undercurrent fire likeness of the earth. Natural organic erections. #save the soil #moringa. They’re growing up just beside you which is the situation for many Jews.

The red wax is rose scented from a Mary candle and the sparkles are cool globs that I also splatted on sporadically. It’s surprisingly pretty balanced. I wonder how much it’s because it’s a result of my focus on the measurement art. It is two cubits for a 6 foot tall standard style but 36 distal phalanges of pinky or maybe even index or that line you might have above the deeper top like on the middle finger.

Here I have written the male and female vegetarian I chose with the Paramashivoham Lingam first.

From 25th to 36th is going to be two earth hexagrams on each inch for 144 things by 36 which, 144, is the linear translation of the 360 value on the circle 360 post by @veganstringbean.

Then my hand would fit in the middle holding it about inches 20-16 so from there on out to the ends is 16 each which is cool because you could decorate hand held fans that you could buy and then exactly 10 inches will hang off the end making 26 and 26 as the English alphabet just like I wanted. YAY YAY YAY. then when you wiggle it it means many things for humans at this time. Plus you could spell out numbers vs words or whatever. :+1:

I think the little blobs look :eyes: like peeps. And even the design of Gods path for sweat smooshing between the legs. :leg:🏽

Also I can’t remember what I said about 14 but Parvati and her Husband are within those numbers on here. In both ways and in both orders. They’re known for numbers 11 and 13.

Those are the numbers I merely remember in a Sadhguru video. 11 13. But anyway I guess 7 is the number I think of for individual. With measuring four that gets checked and a measuring three that rawly measures. With either three or four more core to the self and the other one in the environment. Or one more objective and the other more subjective to the whole relative time.