Vipassana Meditation, any experiences?


Hi there! Has anybody had any experiences with Vipassana meditation? I signed up for one of the 10 day retreats they do and I have never done anything like it before, so I would like to read some experiences!

Thank you in advance,


Hi Adriana,

Vipassana achieves self-transformation through self-observation. Its main focus is the deep interconnection between the mind and the body.

The technique in which this kind of yoga is taught is through a ten-day resedential course. During this course the participant will follow what is called Code of Discipline. The trainee will learn the basics and have enough practice to experience good results.

Vissapana is a form of mental exercise. Similar to physical exercise, Visspana develops a healthy mind.

The results that you get from this training is gradual and will be emphasized as you continue the training. You cannot expect to achieve full results in ten days, however this short period will be enough to get the basics that you should practice and applied throughout your life.


Hello, Paul, thank you for your kind reply.

I definitely do not expect full results in just ten days, I know you need years of practice and dedication, however I thought that 10 days away from all distractions in a meditation retreat center where all you do is meditate eat and sleep would be a great place to start!

Have you gone to one of these retreats yourself?


Perhaps not getting caught up in expectation i.e. deprograming conceptual nonsense from the mind; preparing fertile ground, planting seeds, soft focus, getting out of the way of spontaneous happenings, even these anticipation may prove counterproductive. Languages, teachings, mindful notions are simply fingers pointing to the moon.


Well, I’ve studied meditation in several traditions, including attending a couple of workshops on Vipassana. I think the important thing to understand is that meditation is meditation. It’s not complicated and can be performed an infinite number of ways. But one system is pretty much as good as another. Vipassana isn’t fundamentally superior or inferior to any other system of meditation. The important thing is to pick a meditative tradition, establish a practice that makes sense to you and stick with it.


Vipassna is perhaps easier than other methods as you’re watching your thoughts… can catching yourself distracted and bringing yourself back to watching ur thoughts…

Use breathe, sound and distractions as anchor and bringing yourself back to the practice.