Volunteering exchanges for long term stay in Ashram doing Yoga / Meditation


To Yoga Community,

I am currently in India and just finished one month Yoga trainings in Rishinkesh.

Because really love Yoga and India and will try to stay as long is possible..

Does anyone happens to know if there are any Ashrams or communities especially in South India (heading to Kerala) that offering Yoga teachings or practicing in exchange for some Volunteering work??

Thank You!


Hi, there is one Yoga University. named Svyasa University in Bangalore that one of my friends joined a YIC Yoga Instructor Course. And after that, he stayed there as a volunteer. You can ask the university about this because you are a foreigner so I am not so sure.



Thank You for your fast response!

Really appreciate your useful infos!

Even though the suggest university seems to have very professional alumni I am not currently looking for something so professional.

Hope find and Ashram or community dive deeper into Yoga and meditation for longer than the commercial retreats that are currently available.

Because of my passion to show dedication for long term than a couple of weeks (hopefully years) want to exchange with volunteering.