Want To Start Yoga?


Hi There Fellow Humans!

I work as a motivator to start Yoga!
I've traveled the world and seen all kinds of yoga techniques, but I'm a Acro-Yoga professional! I've worked in the circus for many years. So the acrobatic part was easy for me. :wink:

I can absolutely not LIVE WITHOUT YOGA!

I live a GREEN life, wich means I try to have as little impact on the environment as possible, without it restricting me..
I love to share stories from my life, and I do so through my E-mail Newsletter.

So please visit this link www.youcausemotion.com and become a part of a beautiful community!

Love -Joel Rox


Hi JoelRox,

Happy to know you too a yoga practitioners, Great u live a green life. It is a nice initiation. All the best for you.

Will visit your site for sure.