Wanting to become a yoga instructor

Hello everybody. I’m new here and want to open this thread for discussion. This is for all yoga instructors, or those who are thinking of becoming one.

I guess I can begin as simple as this: Is it typical to get really excited about yoga’s benefits (especially after seeing them so concretely) and wanting to be a yoga instructor? Is this temporary excitement every student gets when they see yoga as an alternative way of living, and then it fades away?

How different is it to be passionate about others learning and benefiting from yoga than actually teaching it for a living? Any challenges, insights, or experiences in general would be greatly appreciated. Any kind of shared thought on this is cool too. What motivates people to become a yoga instructor? How well-grounded do those reasons have to be? I’ll talk about my experience in my following post. Just wanted the main one to be seperate.


Senem :wink:

It’s a bit like replying to my own post, but I just want to share why yoga matters to me so much–it might stimulate discussion.

1-I’ve had asthma my whole life: What more important than breath and breathing? I was born with asthma. I find that since yoga, I’m more aware of how deep I can breathe and allow myself do that. Feeling the restrictions of asthma a whole lifetime (I’m 25 now), I see that perhaps earlier discovery of this practice might have helped. Because so much of asthma is psychological too.

2-I had scoliosis surgery: Another area where I felt restricted. I had to wear a brace which was really hard to wear during adolescence, try physiotherapy and finally surgery. Yoga again shows me and surprises me every time as to going beyond my “limitations”. I can do poses I thought I couldn’t and that brings amazing confidence and belief in my other capabilities as well.

3-I’ve been part of destructive patterns that don’t work for anyone in my family and really want to break them: I won’t go too much into this, but the spiritual aspects of yoga are teaching me that “there are indeed other ways of being” and interpreting the world, and we are to let go of the past, the bad experiences, the blaming game, and just be in the moment. I find the whole practice really helping me cultivate a sense of self, and be less resentful towards family members.

4-I’ve had major body-image issues: As a female, I went through the typical self-loathing pattern and the only thing that has been able to mentally and genuinely change this critical look at my body has been yoga.

I guess one has to be open, ready, and willing to go through such powerful changes…And my bottom line is: I was physically restricted for a long time, felt limited in what I could do, and who I could be. Yoga has been the only thing that worked for me in showing me in a very loving, tender way that that is not who I am, and who I’ll be forever.



Namaste Senem,

The desire to care for others and to share the healing you have received through your yoga practice is a natural outcome of having an open heart which is capable of giving and receiving. In my experience, to be a yoga teacher deepens one’s appreciation for the teachings and understanding of the vastness of yoga. Karma yoga is the yoga of serving others and is primarily an inner process of attitude, respect and compassion. By practicing “Doing unto others as you would have others do unto you” it is possible to increase the capacity to sustain the vision of unity.

In practical terms, even if you do not choose to teach yoga, taking a teacher’s training will deepen your experience.


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