War and Yoga: The Need of the Hour!

In times of emergency and critical situations, I felt a true reliance on the practice and teachings of yoga that I’ve been studying for almost 20 years now, since 2004. As a result, I didn’t stop conducting sessions and from the very first day of the war, I supported my students, helping them adapt to the new circumstances. I conducted a series of workshops and seminars in various countries in Europe and Ukraine. I assisted in dealing with anxiety disorders and the loss of loved ones, all thanks to my yoga practice.

The skills of self-control have been immensely helpful during wartime and have become my crucial internal support. Yoga manifests in a state of profound inner peace, emotional control, and finding answers to very complex questions — where to move forward and what desires are important.

This was particularly noticeable after moving to Switzerland. I continued to engage in my favorite activity — teaching yoga. It provided tremendous support during my adaptation to a new country.

Interestingly, during the war, I had an introduction to the esoteric international yoga space, practicing at Regina Kurti’s studio alongside her. After all, yoga is united in spirit. I felt a greater sense of maturity and an incredible value for tradition. Full article you can read here >> in.yoga

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Wonderful to see the yoga practice has been so helpful for you! I hope you can inspire many others to do the same. Indeed it is now very very needed to bring healing to the world!
All the best!

Johny Utah
Pranayama Breathwork instructor
Certified Pranayama teacher training

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