Weakness while following a master

as computer masters may use 16 while waiting for 12 people who obey any master might thing of 7 notes extreme more and extreme less more less less-medium more-medium medium maybe without the plain medium as 6

rulers for example might sound likelike nour el ein or some filipino. hahahahhahhahaha

question does 6 or 7 sound more like 2 or 3. which for them? by this method i teach on sanyasi page?

Know that the possibility for one who can try to become sanctified is real as is in my joking but serious fug post which shows the real beauty of your subliminal abilities with the chisel or the sander. Your INTELLIGENCE can be blessedly by its own nature that does great things as we may notice often anyways what is basically like. OM SHANTI BLESS. To clarify that is it ends up being you had done something at least understood as subliminal sometimes with just a sprinkle of faith
Like moringa can give you and it also may had just been subconscious for general reasoning the destiny and effort of each persons dignity is amongst the most beautiful other things of course and that dignity in this unnatural and especially ungreat nature in this time on earth is suffering I tell you so that you are encouraged and complimented for loving yourself’s obligation for this obviously a little challenging good in this time on earth. So with part of your soul on the 81 scales is what matters the most but of course you would love to ensure some memory of this lifetime to relate to it during and after while truly it is a fact that not all will actually be had again otherwise than how it had been perspected in consciousness for one to know what was the base and that it had been of its edition by the editing set and the ongoing by some depth of time or effort by some unit or another.
Take seriously the core philosophy and essentially it’s named essentials throughout the sanyasi page by @veganstringbean. Know to be obeying the law by the nature of being animalistic and as they may call it in a good way ‘“freaky” so that means a mature mind and a youthful body. Also if it’s your time some day then understand that it is scientifically that every wrinkle and quality shade that matters as it should have a name of a quality of the natural processes like words that are and support prana mana chi chi.

This shows me how winning ethically for example is a part of life and that even weakness in faith can be the side that must believe in teaching stories.https://www.youtube.com/@AscensionPresents/videos