Were you able to cure your thyroid with yoga?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that is based on the search for inner balance as a means of earning health and well-being. Increasing strength and flexibility by controlling the level of physical exertion is something possible with regular routine, which is why, in its diverse variations, it is highly suggested for the elderly.

It can also help enhance specific ailments, as long as you function in the right poses. In the case of diseases related to the thyroid gland, it may be useful in regulating the production of hormones, the imbalance of which causes both hyperthyroidism and the reverse situation, hypothyroidism.

Yoga is not a replacement for your medical treatment, but it can support you to feel better with gentle stretches and exercises that strengthen the neck and direct a flow of energy to this disrupted gland. Of course, it is essential to follow the advice of yoga teachers to perform the postures accurately and not to injure yourself, taking into account aspects such as breathing or the ability to relax.

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