"western sadhana:

The "Western Sadhana" is a Treatise compiling the truths on the full view of Yoga and Dharma up to the highest subtlest teachings presented mostly in a culturally relative way to westerners.

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Authentic Yoginis and Yogins !

Good morning, and great joy to you Yoga and Dharma warriors o
This liturgy is culturally relative to authentic practitioners in the west o
And these geographical boundaries are not to be taken too literal o

If you have fully practiced in the western austerities, and have purified through authentic practice, and find yourself with fortunate residual karma in Completion Stage Practices, then you are an appropriate vessel to apply the following o
And all will gain benefit to see the path ahead o
Please do not fear the path ahead o

If your Karma is not yet ripe enough to apply this liturgy, and you aspire to ripen that Karma, then the instructions to start are very simple . . . DECELERATE, SIMPLIFY, CREATE SPACE, AND PRACTICE AUTHENTICALLY o
Practice authentically o
Be a warrior for space o
If you cannot relate to everything in this Liturgy, please do not fret, just work with what you do relate to, the rest will come in time o

Please remember that the subtlest truths cannot be recognised by the intellect, and can only be seen with a joyful mind o
For westerners, the intellect should rarely steer your Yogic and Dharmic vessel o
The intellect will usually reject the subtlest profound truths, and trick you into thinking that it did not do so o
In eastern Yogic and Dharma cultures, increasing the intellect was beneficial on the path to
awakening o
In the hyper-intellectual west, however, the intellect is a great obstacle and hindrance o
The fatigued dualistic intellect is also a creator of this dark age o
There is nothing wrong with the intellect in its natural balance of boundless clarity, however, it does not generally possess the sensibilities to evaluate the subtle truths of the Dharma o Especially in a fatigued state o
Once on the path of the Bhumis though, even the intellect will begin to recognise the truth o
The intellect is actually the false summit of the mountain o
So, please reside primarily in the post-intellectual realm o

The is no higher aspiration in the human realm than the path of awakening o
A path for awakening in this western land, that is culturally relative to westerners, did not begin to exist up until recent history o
And increasingly, new trail is currently being broken o
You may already be aware that the human sequence for full authentic practice is physical practice, pranayama, and meditation o
For westerners, it is highly unlikely that nadi bindu and prana can be realized in this life without a physical practice o
And of course, this subtle body realization is required for Full Realization o
It is highly unlikely that you can attain Realization through many Liturgies (Sadhanas), Lungs, and Empowerments o
So, it is time to STOP acquiring new ones, it only takes one authentic Liturgy to help awaken o
Empowerments can be attained through the direct realization experience alone o
This IS the ultimate empowerment o
“ . . . and through direct transmission.”

In the west, Lungs and Empowerments can be impure with worldly desires, and sense pleasure desires o
In fact, each single individual experience is all that one needs to attain Realization o
Whether you drop your pen, climb a mountain, or travel around the world o
Whether it takes a minute, a second, a year, or a month, all that you need to attain Realization is contained in that single experience o
And Nirmanakaya travel is not required at all o
As a Tibetan Acharya once said “There are two types of travel . . . in the mind, and physically in the world. And the second one is not necessary.” o
This Liturgy is to help guide you to the subtlest nature of each single experience o

In India, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and Asian Dharma countries, the Yoga and Dharma was developed and crafted to optimize its awakening benefit for those specific cultures o
Those Central Lands of Yoga and Dharma must be prostrated to o
For they are the mothers and fathers of Yoga and Dharma dissemination in this Nirmanakaya o
Unspeakably profound truths and teachings by Yogis, highly Realized Masters, and Buddhas o
However, western language and culture must be primary for a western seeker to relate to the Dharma o
This is the plain and simple truth o
In the west we do not need to intellectually study lists, paths, metaphors, and similes, of eastern Yoga and Dharma methods in Sanskrit or Tibetan languages o
We are to be exposed to them, and to understand them o
Optimally, we are to realize them, and then make them culturally relative o
Without judgement, we need to move past this romantic attachment to exotic cultures and that image of an awakened being o
What does a western Buddha look like ?
Drop these eastern Yoga and Dharma reference points o
Bring the path of Awakening to your homeland, wherever that may be o

Any westerner can only attain Realization in their geographical home o
A visit to Vulture Peak Mountain can be helpful if viewed properly, and not necessary o
Such a visit is rarely viewed properly, and often compared to one’s homeland, therefore becomes an impediment o
Both are equally potent o
With travel, it is that experience of fresh and new that does have wisdom o
If you are attached to it too much, it will destroy its benefit o
Upon early realization, the hometown road that you have walked on a thousand times is vivid, new, and fresh o
That is the nature of this moment o

The teachings from the east eventually hit a ceiling or huge obstacle of unrelatability here in the west o
Very often they can in fact repel many westerners o
The Dharma only works if it magnetizes o
Cultural Relativity is the golden key to opening the Universal Treasury of Awareness o
Once this is Realized, Cultural Relativity is the golden key to guiding westerners to the same o

Cultural relativity
Cultural relativity
Cultural relativity

Only through much physical practice, pranayama, and authentic meditation, is one fully prepared to approach and enter the path of the Bhumis o
It can take months, years, or decades, to accomplish this depending on how fortunate one’s residual Karma is o
There is no luck found here, only maha-exertion in previous births, and merit gained o
From here, the following is the general progressive sequence for westerners o o o

Monkey mind; regular full discursiveness that you have gotten so used to o
Gaps in thought; glimpses of stillness that you now see is possible o
Quiet mind; the activity level of the mind attains near stillness o
Nonthought; the mind is perfectly still o
One Pointed Concentration; where you can hold nonthought for an indefinite period of time o
(One Pointedness in the highest teachings of the four Yogas of Mahamudra, is the same as One Pointedness in the Seventh Limb of Traditional Indian Yoga o)
Alya; the resting place of the mind o
Absorptive states; where one is in communion with the pure truth o

There are many absorptive states o
Dream Yoga (originally Yoga Nidra in Traditional Indian Yoga), Samadhi, Pratyahara, and so on o
Pratyahara specifically being the highest and subtlest form of healing in the human birth experience o
Release right down to the Kalapas, or sub-atomic level o
Pratyahara is also the missing piece of the puzzle in the Kagyu Completion Stage practices of Buddhadharma, as it somehow had failed to make the jump from the Indian Yoga Masters to the Tibetan Buddhist Lineage Holders o
A significant reason alone as to why so few fully realize the Completion Stage Practices like Dream Yoga or Phowa at this time o

The purpose of absorptive states is at first to very rapidly resolve karma, to then clear the view and directly see the natures at play o
This is not the gradual path, this is the direct path o
At first mundane relative secondary natures, then Absolute indestructible natures at play, then the very Primary Nature itself o
Once any absorptive state is fully realized, then ALL of the absorptive states are fully realized o
Like different routes to the summit o
Once one route has fully topped out to Clear Light, then all routes are realized, and become
one o
So, work with the absorptive state that you relate with the most, and forget about the others o
Be ruthless with yourself for cutting concepts, ego, and attachment o
Please keep your hand on the sword of wisdom at all times and be ready to cut with an empty mind o

From the absorptive states, the Dharmakaya is realized o
From the Dharmakaya, Full Realization is then attained in the Nirmanakaya o

The Dharmakaya is realized in four general stages o
In western terms, the first stage is an absorptive experience of the luminous infinite, with a localized view or perspective o
The second stage is a further absorptive experience of the luminous infinite where you can experience any area of the infinite at any temporal time o
The third stage is a bit of a pitfall o
Nothingness o
Here, the Yogini or Yogin is in the primary nature, and resides in perfect luminosity and bliss o
They do not feel the need to return or do anything in the Nirmanakaya phenomenal world o
The more Feminine Energy Principle that this seeker possesses, the longer that they will want to stay in this stage o
If the seeker has a great deal of Masculine Energy Principle, they may actually skip through this stage and not experience it o
Although they will eventually recognise that this stage exists o
Balance your Energy Principles o
We are here to Awaken, and then bring it back to the world to guide others to the same o
This is the authentic meaning of life o
The fourth and final stage can often be called No More Learning, or Non-Meditation o
The teaching of “The distinctions between meditation and the post-meditation experience no longer occur o-o ” is completed here o
“ . . . apparent phenomena are all the books one needs o–o ” is also completed here o
And this stage is not for this simple forest yogin to even attempt to put the inexpressible into words in this humble liturgy o

From here we are in the last few Bhumis o
Study the Bhumis o
Similar to around half of the eastern Yoga and Dharma teachings, the Bhumis are relatable to us here in the west o
Passing through the effortless “Immovable” Eighth Bhumi o
To guide seekers to the Primary Nature in this current dark age, this Bhumi threshold is required o

There is a sequence to all of this o
Everything is preparatory for the next o
Nothing is jettisoned, and all is carried forward o
Much early practice realizations will be called upon in higher subtler practice o
If anything has been hastened, skipped, avoided, or not realized, you will have to go back to complete it at a specific time, or you will get stuck on the path for an indefinite length of time o
Which is of course a syndrome here in the west o

So now we have some view and language to guide you to the point of
Realization o
This generally happens while the Yogini or Yogin is somewhere on the first two stages of realizing the Dharmakaya o
Which they had realized while residing in absorptive states o

The point of Realization is when the absorptive state experience of the first two stages of realizing the Dharmakaya is fully experienced in the Nirmanakaya or phenomenal world o

Now every manifestation is joyful Sambokakaya, which is communication from the Absolute or Dharmakaya o
The final nadi knot releases o
Many more rainbows appear in the coming days o
And the Trikaya is now experienced all at once o
You now see that each individual experience contains all awareness o
This can happen while pumping gas for your vehicle o
Or listening to a song that you were intensely drawn to for many years o
At this point of Realization, any mundane experience becomes infinite and transcendent accompanied by all awareness o
So, you look at the numbers rolling on the gas gage, and it becomes fully infinite and transcendent accompanied by all awareness o
Or you hear a line in a song for the ten thousandth time, and it becomes fully infinite and transcendent accompanied by all awareness o
This is why you were drawn to this song o
For this blessed moment o
It has now been revealed to you o
You will recognise this when it happens o

At this point, many different experiences occur o
It has a din where the hearing is affected by the presence of a very low frequency sound o
This stems from the subtle body o
This is OM, HUM, or HUNG o
You are now naturally resonating with the energy of everything o
In Phowa, your vocal chords will resonate and make this sound involuntarily as your consciousness leaves your body to fully reside in the Primary Nature, and then back again to all three Kayas o

In addition, this is the point where curiosity and the need to know more no longer exists, because it is no longer required o
You are now in perfect communion with all awareness o
Infinite cognisant space o
Space and energy o
You now fully and completely trust that space will manifest at the appropriate time, and action or developed skillful means will also manifest at the appropriate time o
Curiosity can still exist in secondary Nirmanakaya experiences to a smaller degree, as those who have attained this are reborn in their child-like nature o
For its absolute purpose though, curiosity is no longer required for the seeker who has become Realized o
The truth has been recognised; secondary curiosity is now only used to gain relatable skillful means to help guide others to the same o

This is as if the cumulative energy of our curiosity is like every river on earth meeting at one single waterfall o
The earth shakes here, with the billowing of endless mist ascending up to the sky o
All distractions o
We had become tone deaf at the subtle body level to this massive prana exertion and expense waterfall o
Now visualize this gargantuan waterfall stopping o
All the water is gone o
Not a drop o
Dry silence o
It was never there to begin with o
The tone deaf goes away o
Those faculties and that prana are now used for much subtler perception o
Upon Realization, the confluence waterfall of curiosity and the need to know more ceases o
And all is seen o

Now comes the perfection of the Realization o
The authentic Yogini or Yogin is on their way up the Bhumis to Full Perfected Realization o
This can take years, and even past a decade of cascading warriorship work o

The highest Kagyu teachings of Mahamudra, and the highest Nyingma teachings of Maha Ati are perfectly equal o
The highest realization of Mahamudra is equal to the highest realization of Maha Ati o
In the Mahamudra, it is simply that the highest realm is perfectly self-secret o
It was a trick  !
Which did you chose to work on ?
Why did you chose to work on it ?

At this time, in the west, the highest Kagyu teachings of Mahamudra are generally more effective and relatable than the highest Nyingma teaching of Maha Ati o
For example, notice your Karma ripening and blockages removing when you hear the term “One Taste” for the first time o
You may know what it is without any explanation o
I prostrate to both teachings o
This simple forest yogin was Ati Yoga in previous births o
This can only pertain to optimizing the path to awakening for westerners and taking us out of this current dark age o

The Maha-Rime Yoginis and Yogins of this Central Land of Kalapa have an inordinately large amount of ripened Kagyu Completion Stage, and Mahamudra karma o
Many lifetimes ago, the Maha-Rime Warriors attained the Full Realization of the Tenth Bhumi o
They decided to attain rebirths away from the safety net of the Tibetan Tulku and Monastic systems o
They chose human birth in different countries through their consecutive re-births o
Because they purely perceived in the fourth time, they knew to make their way to the Central Land of Kalapa for this specific time o
The middle of this dark age o
In order to begin the journey back to a golden age of Awakening o
Because this is when the subtlest most powerful teachings and realizations start to regain their strength and guide us out of this dark age o

The Maha-Rime Yoginis and Yogins may be dormant, or actively seeking o
The Vajra Throne in the Central Land of Kalapa is the source in the west o
Unfortunately, they are often letting their intellect and ego steer their Dharmic vessel o
With love, this liturgy aspires to help them too o

Good luck o
Please remember that this is all too simple for words o
This is fundamentally why it is so complicated to guide with words o
Authentic Realization and Awakening are simply inexpressible o
The Primary Nature is inexpressible o
As it taught . . . just road signs to a City, and not the experience of the City itself o

Simply stated; Gain Merit, Balance Energy Principles, and Resolve Karma o
Proficiency to a specific threshold in these three areas will result in a cascading effect toward the plunge pool of enlightenment o
You do not have to resolve all of your Karma to start to see directly for example o

At first Yoga and Dharma practice are meant to heal, remove blockages, to then reveal the source of our traumas o
Once we arouse warriorship and eliminate the sources of our traumas through resolving Karma, we gain much more warriorship strength, and then begin to move down the path to Liberation and Awakening o
This Liturgy is to help you move down that path o

Try to keep this close to the revealed sequence o
You are being helped by all of the Yogis, Realized Masters, and Buddhas of all the three times o
Add this to your discriminating awareness o
Even if you are merely emulating this at first o
Recognizing what is contained in this liturgy for yourself is exponentially less effort and energy than being guided to see it o
Rangdrol o
It is always optimal to recognize this for yourself o
Rangdrol o
Work on this o
Rangdrol o
The path of awakening is the path of least effort o
It is a great deal of effort, so no need to increase that unnecessarily o
Take both extremes of effort and temperament, and pick the midpoint o
Self-realized on the direct path is a Buddha, guided to Realization on the gradual path is a Realized Master o
Both are exceptionally rare blessings o
Follow the natural line here o
Do not want one, or the other, or either o

There will be large gaps of time where you will be unsupported on this path o
Being unsupported is a luminous teaching towards learning to guide yourself o
Towards Rangdrol (self-realization), which is the primary conveyance on the profound path of Mahamudra o
Family and friends may reject your aspirations o
Expect this o
Sangha from Western Dharma and Yogic organizations in the west here may even reject this view and aspiration o
Generate compassion, which includes the possibility of wrathful compassion o
For the authentic seeker, a lack of financial means is not an obstacle in an authentic lineage of awakening o
You are an authentic Dharma warrior o
The Buddhas of the three times, and this very earth, continually celebrate this o
Humbly, you are a Buddha of a future time o
The Yoga and Dharma warriorship aspires toward your Buddhahood being realized in this lifetime o

Chant this liturgy with a drum when required, and not when scheduled o
You will need to check in periodically to see that you are in the centre of the western path to awakening o

C o m b i n e t h i s l i t u r g y w i t h o c c a s i o n a l l y s e e k i n g t h o s e w h o h a v e
f u l l y R e a l i z e d t h i s p a t h i n t h e w e s t f o r g u i d a n c e o



The aspiration contained herein is to optimise the path out of this current dark age.
The pendulum has already begun to swing that way.
To humbly aid the Yoga and Dharma warriors of the indestructible truth.
The warriors who put the path to awakening first in their lives, for the purpose of guiding others to the same.
What is contained in this liturgy has nothing to do with this simple forest yogin.

May 18, 2020
Tatamagouche, Central Land of Kalapa
April - May, 2022
Cape Breton, Central Land of Kalapa

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