What are some things to consider before investing in yoga teacher training?

:cowboy_hat_face:As yoga continues to increase in popularity throughout the world, naturally the amount of yoga teachers and yoga teacher training courses expands too. You’ll notice many gyms and yoga brands have their own teacher training. The food is also simple and hygienic and Accommodation was also very good. And if you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher than you must have to take the yoga teacher training.:grinning:

When you are investing in any yoga teacher training program, it means you are investing in yourself because ultimately yoga will lead you to greater self-awareness, better health, and a world of self-discovery – so congratulations, you’ve already taken the first step!

Now the second step is to find the best yoga teacher training center, for this I would personally like to recommend you Multi Style Yoga School at Dharmshala. It’s the place where you can find the best teacher and best resources for your training.
After finding the suitable training center third step is investing your money. You are just not investing money you are also investing your time, which is a most valuable asset, so before investing you should take care of certain things. The first and foremost thing before investing in a yoga teacher training program is that

  1.  What is the intrinsic worth of a YTT?

You get to decide the value of a yoga teacher training, you and no one else. Only you know if it’s worth the investment or not because at the end of the day this is your life and your journey. Take some time to contemplate the intrinsic value of a yoga teacher training program. Do it because it’s important, not because your friends are doing it. Drop into your heart space and ask your heart of hearts what a yoga teacher training is really worth. You’ll know the answer when it comes.
2. How Experienced is the School?:blush:
A reputable good yoga school must have more than 5 years experience.
3. How is the environment?
4. Who is going to train you?
5. How are curriculum and syllabus?
6. How many students have studied from the school?
7. Certification
8. Communication
9. How many yoga style they know?

These are some points which you need to take care of before investing in any yoga teacher training program.
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Investing in yoga teacher training can be a great idea if you want to learn how to become a yoga teacher. You may be wondering if this is something that you could realistically do for a living. The answer is yes, but it will not be a easy or simple process. It will require a lot of hard work and determination, as well as a lot of sacrifice. This is not, however, a blog about how to become a yoga teacher. That is something that can be learned through personal experience, with a specialized teacher training program and a good amount of dedication.
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