What do I do to manage stiff neck after sarvangasana andmatsyasana?


Hello beautiful people, how re you all? I need your help. After two years of halt in my sadhana due to deep tissue injuries in both my hand- shoulder joints I have been able to start my practise again. I can say it’s all new to me now. Though my hands are able to cope with everything till now, my problem is with the neck. I think I have corrected my sarvangasana by making sure that the weight of the body is on my shoulders and hand and not the neck, I think I am definitely doing the matsyasana wrong. I can’t find anything that suits me. I have checked numerous videos to correct it. I start from sitting position and go down from there. Placing elbows behind and opening my chest I bend down breathing in. But my crown does not reach the floor so I adjust my elbows and bend down again. Sometimes when my head reaches down my shoulders get crouched and sometimes the neck feels really cramped behind. Overall I end up with a stiff and sensitive neck. Also while setubandh asana I cramped my upper shoulders next to the neck. I don’t want my practise to stop again. Kindly help.


We change… time changes, body changes… Have you tried to prop the top of the head? It is hard to say what is off… need to see you practicing. maybe pictures or videos will do.


Hello Supriya,

I learned yoga in IIT Roorkee from a trained instructor .
I was not able to do padmasna at that time, my instructor helped me a lot to do this . Till now I can’t do it.
When I was trying so hard to learn it , my instructor told me there are millions of asana and it is perfectly fine if you are not able to do single asana. According to Hindu mythology there are 33 crores jiv-jantus and in yoga there are 33 crore asanas represents each and every jiv-jantu.

In yoga ,you need not to push your self if you are not able to do few asana then leave them and do other asanas those give similar benefits. That is the beauty of Yoga.

I hope this is helpful for you .