What is chronic pain? and its types

Chronic pain is a pain that lasts for a longer period, usually lasting for longer than three months, and can also last for even years. And it can affect a person's daily life. And there are two types of chronic pain: neuropathic pain and the other is nociceptive pain. Neuropathic pain is the pain caused due to nerve or tissue damage. Such as due to any kind of disease, infection, accident, surgery, Parkinson's disease, and many more. The other is nociceptive pain, which detects noxious stimuli by nociceptors, which are carried by the central nervous system. It can be classified into two types such as visceral pain, and the other is somatic pain. Some symptoms can help detect chronic pain, such as aching, burning, loss of energy, discomfort in muscles or joints, and many more. It can also affect psychologically such as causing anxiety, depression, stress, feeling isolated, and many more. There are certain methods of detecting chronic pain, which are explained in the blog shared by Learnthedosage. For more, read the blog.