What is going on?


This is a rather strange first post…

I have practised yoga for many years. Recently I made a commitment to practising every day. A couple of weeks into regular daily yoga I began to experience weird physical sensations constantly, all day, but even stronger during practise. I will attempt to explain what it feels like… the feeling is all over but strongest in my abdomen, glues and thighs and is like a build up of nice tension but not ‘tense’… a bit like pre-orgasm but not focussed on the genitals and not sexual. It is very pleasant but rather distracting! It is almost too distracting during yoga as it gets really strong - in all postures not just hip openers. I have heard of people awakening emotions during practice but this is not emotional just physical.

Can anyone shed any light? I have searched the internet and asked friends… who just look at me strangely.

Apologies for the unusual post but I’d love to know what is going on.


In case this happens to anyone else I thought I’d give an update. I am still non the wiser re. what was/is happening despite consulting a few yoga/body people. And I’m guessing no one on here has encountered it… and/or think I am crazy.

The sensations got ‘worse’ and felt like an itch inside all of my muscles. Stretching or tensing would be like scratching the itch but would also make it stronger. It was not pleasant and involved every muscle in my body. It is now becoming less each day - stronger when practising yoga - but generally subsiding. Hopefully it will disappear entirely.


Few people may experience this and this is natural though. This will go with practice eventually.


Thanks for your reply. I wonder what was happening on a physiological level. Pleased to know it will go. I expected aching, soreness, stretching but not ‘itching’ :o


I believe that your body is adjusting to the poses you practice and it seems somewhat disturbing because you are exercising muscles in your body that you didn't know that existed. That is the only thing that I can thing of at this point. Keep up the good work! You can check out more info about yoga and yoga products here: