What Is Hatha Yoga?


Asanas are nothing but postures in which a person sits or stands. We often come across the term ‘Body Language’, which means movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings of a person are communicated. If our bodies are so powerful to convey our state of mind merely through postures then it is very much possible to practice the reverse science of it. This is exactly where the idea of practicing hatha yoga lies. Although there could be innumerable poses that a body can perform, there are a certain number of poses which tend to benefit our body and shape our attitude in the best possible way. These poses are known as hatha yoga poses or asanas and are tried and tested methods to regulate the flow of energy in one’s body. The ultimate goal of a yogi is to attain an aware state of mind.
Consider our bodies as channels to this elevated state, and now consider hatha yoga poses as the tool to break through the barrier which is keeping us away from this state. Practicing the right asanas are a guarantee to lead a healthy life, both physically as well as mentally.