What is meditation and how one can meditate?

Meditation is a specific technique that is totally different from the normal waking state. Meditation is not a part of any religion; it is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular sequence, has definite concept, and produces results that can be verified.In meditation, the mind is clear, relaxed, and inwardly focused. When you meditate, you are fully awake and alert, but your mind is not focused on the external world or on the events taking place around you. Meditation requires an inner state that is still and focused so that the mind becomes silent. When the mind is silent and no longer distracts you, meditation deepens.


Meditation is the exercise for your mind. Just like other physical exercise and yoga poses for your body, you also need something to freshen your mind which can be achieved through meditation. it takes your mind out of this materialistic world and it will help you connect with the cosmic world if you do it right. Here is a good YouTube video explaining it and how to do it efficiently.


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Meditation is the art of focusing.

Focusing is the opposite of multitasking. Multitasking is using your conscious mind to deal with more than one thing at a time. Focusing is using your conscious mind to deal with one thing at a time.

Multitasking is convenient when you are throwing a party; it frees you from the need to think up dishes. But we need to think up dishes, too. You can't imagine that a dinner party would be as enjoyable without somebody cooking.

Focusing is inconvenient when you are in a hurry; it frees you from the need to think up dishes. But we also need to think up dishes, too. You can't imagine that a crowded subway would be as pleasant without somebody cleaning it.

Having more than one plate in the air at once is handy, but overusing it is expensive--both in time and in attention. If you use your conscious mind for only one thing at a time, your conscious mind is free to use its full power, and your attention is free to use its full range.

There is a difference between multitasking and focusing. When you are multitasking, you are spending most of the energy (attention) on something other than what you are trying to do. When you are focusing, you are using most of both. Multitasking costs you; focusing pays you.

Meditation is a way of focusing. Meditation is not religious; it is neurological.
The attention you get from meditation is not the same attention you get from listening to music or watching scenery. The attention you get from meditation comes from a quieting and relaxing of the constant stream of thoughts that constantly flood your mind.


I really like how yoga focuses on how to control breathing. I feel like the root of meditation is controlling your mind and body with your breathing. It's amazing how powerful it can be! btw side note: we have a ton of shirts that represent breathing and meditation on our website apexyoga .co, check it out if you want! :slight_smile:

I like how you have contrasted Mindfulness with Multitasking - they are in fact opposites. I have never looked at it this way before. Tahnk you!