What is the best diet for Weight loss?


People be come overweight its common. But the question is how and why people become overweight.
Simply you can define that how much calories women need in each day, also how much men need calories in every day. Average women need 3500 calories each day. On the other hand, men need 4500 calories. Moreover, it depends on height, activity level, current weight, metabolic health, and others.
While most of the people are taking more calories each day. That the main problem, because people taking calories but they do not burn it by doing exercise, dieting or supplement. These three thing is essential to follow those who intend to fit physically, mentally.
Everyone is offering free diet plan on the different social platform. But we don`t get any benefit in most of the case. Reality is the lack of seriousness about own health. Those who are pretty much dedicated to their health. They suppose to take the exercise program, dieting plan or supplement. You have to choose yourself which option is the best for your body. For men, most like to build their muscle and get a fit for that. But Women are different, they intend to fit physically and mentally.
Yoga can be the best option both men and women . yoga can make a connection you body, mind and sole that bring you peace and happiness. Getting fit it is obvious. But getting strong with muscle by gym would be preferable. Especially for women, yoga is absolute, because it is a mind gaming exercise with body and soul. While doing yoga easily you can connect with your body and mind.
However, it depends on numerous facts that which would be suitable for you to be fit. Do not go for weight loss surgery and any shortcut. Always try to do naturally. If your condition support that gets a right direction. You should have to determine that you will take balance diet with quality fruits and exercise program.
Without a balanced diet with quality fruits and exercise program, it is quite impossible to weight loss.


I jut don't eat for few days. And the body is slowelly eating itself. And all that fat is gone.

Its easy.


There are many different types of weight loss diets out there you can chose which diet is suitable for you and helps you in weight loss.
• Paleo Diet
• Vegan Diet
• Low-carbs Diet
• Dukan Diet
• Ultra-Low-Fat Diet
• Atkins Diet
• HCG Diet
• Zone Diet
• Intermittent Fasting