What is the best way to transport a yoga mat?


Straps? Yoga mat bags? Or neither? What do you recommend for carrying your yoga mat?

I would like to get your opinion on what kind of yoga carrier has worked the best for you because I am looking to find a better alternative to the shoestring-like apparatus that came with my yoga mat. I have trouble keeping my mat from unraveling because of the thin string provides almost no support. Have people had a similar experience with yoga mat holders? What should I get for transporting my yoga mat?


Welcome to YogaForums aly112 :blossom:

I myself use a strap that loops around the mat at both ends and tightens up on it. Nice and simple.
However many people get mat bags as they will have a pocket to carry your phone, keys and money.

Personal preference I guess :slight_smile:


When I use to transport a mat I used straps and I still use straps for storage in my home