What is the drilling tecnique? is for kundalini?

what is the drilling tech?

I strongly recommend buying/ reading " Kundalini, Savtri evm Tantra". ( Brief introduction in English to this Vangmaya is at http://www.awgp.org/gamma/LiteratureVangamaya: , vangmaya No. 15 )
I was rally amazed with the author when I came across an entire chapter in which he has written about his ability and effort to do Rasta Kundlini Jagran ( Kundlaini Jagran of the entier nation). ( or may be it was Viswa ( world) Kundlini Jagran, I can not remember, it was almost four years ago when I read this book).

Also another book that I liked was " Kundlilini " by Swami Shivananda ( founder of Divine life society). I remember seeing it on interent also at http://www.dlshq.org/books.htm but in a quick look today before psoting I could not find it.

Hope this is useful…

i?m sure, that the indian or tibetan guru?s books would be the most inspiring.

if you don?t have enough time, or money to stay and learn techniques

from those masters, try some kundalini shortcut guide. the?re of course wide

variety of books from many traditions, so it isn?t easy to choose.:slight_smile:

i was blessed to find my own one, the five tibetans, by christopher s. kilham,

the real unique book, pure technical guide. you don?t need to be afraid, the

spirituality comes within :slight_smile:

there?s a plenty of books with the same title, but the author is the most

important. ( * this is of course my personal opinion )

i would suggest to have a talk with some experienced guys, to keep you

away from any misunderstandinq , to whom you can trust.

i would also don?t recommend to mix any kind of drug with yoga.

good luck

The spiritual force is there for our awakening to service, devotion, and persistence. Once these qualities are alive within us from those practices then the spiritual life becomes naturally arising. Even those with challenges - and who isn’t? - find that the best help comes when you are crying out for help. Being free of unnatural forces such as drugs, chemicals in food, and influences of lower natures will always result in beneficial shifts. It is good to read spiritual books and know from them that you are being purified. This purification will only go to one place. That one place is all that a spiritual seeker needs to seek. The One. Teachers who transmit their awakening are of great help in this. blessings. mukunda

Drilling techniques ??? for kundalini awakening

it may be for the kundalini awakening !@!!!
but reallity is that kundalini is not in our physical body so if you do this drilling technique then may be some effect but not a full awakening.

there are four ways of kundalni awakening.

  1. By GOD : when your pinacle is very good during your last birht then god will take care of you and guide you. ex. ramana maharshi

  2. By mantra : there are many mantra’s. you have to chant it for one time, 100 time , 100000 times or 100000000 time we never know this will come our not. but still a good effort from our side.

  3. By a shock : may be because of the shock like, death of near one, or some other shock kundalni will awaken but it is totally out of control. if kundalni moves in to ida or shushumana nadi then it is ok but if it moves in to pingla nadi then there will be experiences that we can’t understand

  4. By shaktipat : when a Guru or master is there to guide you and provide support to you. when he is in mood then he will give you shaktipat and by his fourth body when he starts energy then he will awaken kundalini. every Guru cant able to do this only few of them are able to do it. like a out of 1000000 only one guru is able to do shaktipat. if you are able to find him then definately this is your pinacle which comes to end and so that you are enable to find him.

it is totally luck of the people to find a guru who is able to do shaktipat from fourth body and will awake kundalini.

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kundlini jagran is very powerful yog ,it helps to train your mind and active your chakras click here to know more