What is the impact of unresolved conflicts on society, and how might they contribute to long-term fault lines?

Unresolved conflicts can have profound and lasting impacts on society, contributing to the emergence of long-term fault lines that undermine social cohesion and stability. When conflicts fester without resolution, they create deep-seated divisions, erode trust, and perpetuate a cycle of animosity among individuals and groups.

These fault lines may manifest in various forms, such as ethnic tensions, political polarization, or economic disparities. The resulting societal fragmentation hampers collaborative efforts, impedes progress, and hinders the overall well-being of communities.

Kaivalyadhama's A Symposium on Conflict Resolution – Internal and External plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by providing a platform to explore effective strategies for resolving conflicts at both individual and societal levels.

By promoting dialogue, understanding, and the application of conflict resolution principles, such symposiums contribute to the healing of societal fault lines, fostering a more harmonious and resilient social fabric.
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