What is the Purpose of Meditation?

You could be wondering what is the goal of meditation. People practice meditation for a number of different reasons. Many are enticed by the various physical health benefits, while others may want to experience a deeper sense of peace and relaxation. For some, meditation methods may offer a chance to connect with a sense of spirituality or faith.

  • Increased empathy and compassion

  • Less reliance on external sources of happiness

  • Improved sleep

  • Unlock your subconscious mind

  • Greater calmness and peace of mind

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

The various Meditation Workshop by Kaivalyadhama, one of the oldest and best Yoga Institutes in the world, provides a scientific outlook on the most fundamental aspects of traditional Yoga.

In this age of technology and constant distraction, it's important to have time for yourself. Meditation is one way to take care of yourself, and it's also a great practice for building self-awareness.

Meditation is a tool for calming the mind and focusing your thoughts. It can help you calm your body, too—and that's why it's so useful for people who suffer from anxiety or other emotional issues.

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Benefits of Meditation and its Importance in Your Life

What is meditation?

Meditation is a simple way to relax your mind and focus on a particular subject. If you want to have peace of mind, then you can practice meditation to calm down your thoughts. There are different types of meditation but one of the most popular types is Buddhist meditation.

If you have ever heard about Buddhism and Hinduism then you may be familiar with meditation. Buddhist meditation is based on the teachings of Buddha and Hinduism is based on the Vedas. In India, there are many religions, but most of them are based on spirituality and meditation.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation is very helpful in boosting your concentration and focus. It will help you to focus on something which you have been working on for a while. You will feel relaxed if you are able to concentrate.

Meditation helps to overcome depression. You will be able to have peace of mind if you learn to practice meditation.

Meditation is very beneficial in increasing your patience and decreasing your stress. Stress will make you unable to sleep and it will make you a victim of depression.

Meditation is also helpful in giving you a better memory. If you are able to concentrate and meditate on something, then you will remember it for a longer period of time.

You will be able to increase your creativity if you are able to meditate. If you are able to focus and concentrate, then you will be able to write a great story or poem.

How to meditate?

There are different ways to meditate. You can choose any of the methods that you are comfortable with. Here are the best five methods that you can practice in order to meditate effectively.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a perfect way to meditate. It will help you to have peace of mind and it will also help you to reduce stress. In yoga, you will be able to get rid of all the tension from your body.

  1. Qigong

Qigong is another good way to meditate. You will have peace of mind if you are able to concentrate on the movements of qigong. It will also help to eliminate stress from your body.

  1. Pranayama

Pranayama is the third type of meditation that you can do. If you are new to it then it will take some time to master. You will be able to get a peaceful sleep if you practice it regularly.

  1. Mantra

Mantra is a mantra is a word or sound that is used to calm your mind. It is a combination of different sounds that will help you to relax and give you peace of mind.

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a simple but effective method. You can practice mindfulness in many ways, but the best is to sit in a quiet place and just focus on a particular thought or a particular object.

Now, you will be able to understand what is the purpose of meditation and why it is so important in your life.


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Yes I can vouch for that !QiGong is indeed a great way to prepare mind and body for meditation. Sometimes even better than strong asana practice which in a way excites the energy system. There is a great QiGong course here for a "pay what you want" price. You can find it here: QiGong Class Online | Learn QiGong

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