What is the recommended yoga poses for knee problem?


Hi experienced Yoga Teachers here,
One of my knee got noisy sound whenever having pressure on it like when I want to sit down or when my leg is bend & want to stretch out. I think this problem appeared for about one or two years already & I have no yet go for knee x-ray.
I wonder which yoga pose is good for my problem.
Thank you in advance.


Any advice from all of you here ?


I feel that you need to find a local experienced teacher for Asanas to help with your knee. There is a lot of info that is needed plus I feel that if you have an issue, then a teacher should be with you if you are having difficulties with an Asana. There a lot of adaptations and easier Asanas that may be need in the beginning as well. Coming from the point of view of a teacher and student of Yoga, you have chosen the best option. You also might want to looking into Yoga Therapy or Therapeutic Yoga.



Also if you ever have an x-ray, cat scan or MRI, take Turmeric 2 days before if you can. If not then take it 2 days after. The Turmeric will stop your body from being effected by the raditation.


I've had knee injuries and found have a bath tub with very hot water and knee in the tub, like Japanese seiza. Hot yoga has helped me, I would work into a full lotus and a pose with heel at the crotch and other leg behind, foot touches butt like in the seiza image .



There can be many possible reasons. Most likely your Glutes or Hamstrings may be tight.

But instead of directly telling about any posture, I would advice to have assessment of your mobility get done.

I prefer doing assessment of my students prior giving prescription for any poses.


TQ for your reply.
For more clearer picture, actually beside my left knee cap got plastic sound from inside when moving some certain posture, it doesn't have any pain for kneeling down or sit in easy pose, lotus pose, squat etc. Only the sound made me worry about it.
So I just wonder by doing any of the yoga pose can improves it to reduce the sound from inside or maybe I'm lack of calcium / collagen.


Assessment of mobility ?


Get a advice from a doctor and trainer then they can realize that how deep is your knee problem is? after that, you do practice smoothly normal yoga-like, boat pose, Leg lifts pose and triangle pose. But follow the doctor guidance that would be great for you. To learn more you can visit. https://beyogamom.com/yoga-poses-for-mom-and-baby/