What is the Ultimate Yoga Mat?

Hello everyone! I just wrote on article about my quest to find the ultimate yoga mat and I’d love ya’ll’s expert feedback!

That is the ultimate yoga mat ..
here is the link ... https://amzn.to/2H3xDgE

Well it totally depends on how hardcore your yoga practice is. Having said that, I believe any yoga mat that you use, must not cause harm to the environment. The world requires us to do our bit in protecting it.
Therefore I would suggest going for something that suits your practice, but is definitely eco-friendly. There are so many options online for these yoga mats.
In fact I'll just add the link for some of the yoga mats that I personally liked(Yes they're eco-friendly).
Check them out. Hope it helps!

When performing yoga activity, you need to feel relax and comfortable. When any yoga exercise is performed, one must-have yoga mat with some good cushion. if yoga mat is not thick enough, a person performing the yoga may not get a comfortable posture. I have found a website yoga mats, where you can find a lot of comfortable yoga mats. I know one of my friends bought a yoga mat from this site and he kind of liked it.

5 Tips to choose your right yoga mat online.

It is always a good decision to join yoga classes to be fit and healthy. Yoga is ancient wisdom for a healthy lifestyle. All yoga classes will recommend you buy a yoga mat before joining yoga sessions. Many of you directly type” yoga mat online” or “yoga mat price” etc.

Then Google will show you the results of Amazon, Flipkart, or any e-commerce websites. Instead of directly buying any random yoga mat, we recommend you do thorough research about it.

A yoga mat helps your body to remain in perfect shape while doing yoga asanas( postures). It will enhance your yoga experience and protect you from any possible injury. Some yoga postures cant be performed on the naked floor as it requires a solid grip to hold.

Such requirement is only fulfilled by yoga mats. There are many options available in the market, but you should keep the following things in your mind before buying a yoga mat.




4)Environment friendly.

So as we discussed the importance of a yoga mat, let's dive into some tips that will help you to buy a yoga mat online.

Here is the checklist

1) What's Your Level?
A beginner is someone who doesn't know anything about yoga & who is just about to start yoga. He/She is going to start with some basic poses and simple yoga sessions.
People who are at this level, usually practicing yoga for several months. Such people easily grasp if a new yoga practice has been taught to them. They've already gained some flexibility to perform any advanced yogasana.
The advanced level is achieved when a yoga practitioner is extremely consistent. Such people are practicing yoga for several years, and it has been an integral part of their lives. They have high flexibility, very regulated breathing & tremendous bone strength.

2) Thickness:
Importance: The thickness of your yoga mat is of serious concern for your safety and comfort. If it is too thin you may get hurt by banging your knee or elbows. Also if it's too thick then you may disconnect from the floor and lose your body balance while doing postures.

Options: There are two standard yoga mats that have a thickness of 1/8 inch & 1/4 inch thick. There is another category in yoga mats are wafer-thin yoga mats can be also known as travel yoga mats. Such mats are 1/6 inch thick. Its lite weight and foldability make it a convenient choice to pack in a suitcase and travel.

3) Material:
Importance: The quality of material used for your yoga mat is very important metric. The texture, sponginess, durability also depends on the type of material used. There are many material choices/types are available for yoga mats.

PVC Yoga Mat:
PVC( Poly Vinyl Chloride) is a thermoplastic that has a tendency to meltdown at a certain temperature & hardens after cooling down. A lot of yoga practitioners are using PVC because of its low price. There are many questions being raised about its safety.

If you are insensitive to latex, you can opt for a natural rubber yoga mat. It can absorb perspiration which makes it anti-skid while you perform your postures. This might be unhygienic for some people but you can use a yoga towel in between and it will be perfect.

TPE yoga mats are well known among people. TPE means thermal plastic elastomer. Since it is made of carbon, it becomes an eco-friendly choice of a yoga mat. It doesn't contain PVC or Rubber in it. This yoga mat is moisture resistant, anti-skid, and prohibits bacterial growth too.

Organic Cotton-
A 100% cotton yoga mat is the best choice if you have allergic reactions to other materials or just want a much softer and cushier experience. Such surfaces are often used by restorative yoga. It is a type of yoga in which one needs to perform the postures by lying down only

The mat is thick and gives thick and gives stiff back support and the cover is pure cotton with a separate kapok cushion. The best feature of these mats is they can be washable, air-dried, and reusable.

4) Eco Friendliness:
Eco-friendly yoga mats are the best alternative for people who want to choose their enlightenment path without hurting the environment. As we know, any type of PVC production can disturb green peace as it releases dioxins into the environment.

All type of organic mats such as hemp yoga, meditation, zabuton is hand made and sustainable. It's very refreshing and spiritual while performing asanas on the plastic-free, chemical-free, toxins-free mat. As far as the environmental situation is concerned eco-friendliness should also be considered before buying your best yoga mat online.

5) Colors, Designs & Style:
Every one of us has a cornered thaught that is our yoga mat is more stylish and colorful among the whole yoga class. It's obvious actually. You can choose whatever color you like as there are many unique colors & designs available in the market.

So these are some basic tips before you buy your right yoga mat online and, we hope that this will help in your buying decision. So enjoy your yoga experience.
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