What music do you practice yoga to?


Music is Essential

I will post an incredible scientific-religious documentary about WATER.
Science meets religion !

You can see how water takes different crystaline aspects depending on the music you play AND depending how you talk to it.

Good crystaline forms can help a lot your health.

It looks like the music by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart helps the water to reach the best crystaline forms. Incidentally, they are the world’s greatest composers ever.

They movie speaks in English, but the subtitles are in Romanian. No difficulty for English speakers.


i never heard about astral projection what kind of music is it ?
some people like slow music others prefer some trance music to relax…

better if i search some news music genres…i’lll tell you if i find somethin’ new…
anybody likes chill out ?

oak333 water is very essential in our lifes, but see this there’s so much kind of music that includes the sound of water in…
i can’t see right now the documentary…when i watch it, i’ll tell you somethin’ about it…



I listen to instrumental music. Nature sounds, waterfalls, and my favorite CD Spa. Yoga Zone is a great CD as well!


I normally practice to the music of my own breath but lately have played some music by Wah! or Krishna Das.


When I do my relaxation yoga , I don’t listen to any music but when I finish I use relaxation music by various artists to prolong my relaxation time.
If you want a free download of some great relaxation music, then go here http://www.poetseers.org/lin/free-relaxation-music and download Sacred Dawn. It goes for about an hour…light music with beautiful chanting type music.


A gong CD, “SOund of the sacred Gong” supposedly the gong is a very powerful instrument.
I am
Brother Neil


hi sacral! Astral Projection is goa trance. Enjoy it.


I think Kenny G works the best for me !


I listen to nature sounds., ocean waves, birds and forest…


I love the ‘alt-beats’ playlist from the Down Dog app - available on Spotify too I think? Otherwise, anything by Bonobo is always a winner!