What music do you practice yoga to?


If you use music in your practice what do you tend to listen to?
Just interested as I listen to all varieties of music when practising. May sound strange to some but John Lee Hooker is great to pratice to! (guess you may have to be a fan first though - who knows!)


I like to listen to nice world music, usually without words. If there are words I like them to be chants.


If I listen to music during my home practice, I have a “spiritual” playlist on my ipod that has a pretty diverse mix. I have the ipod shuffle the playlist so that the universe delivers what I need to listen to. On the playlist is a mix including:

  • Various chants by Deva Premal and Mitten
  • Enya
  • Bob Marley
  • HEM
  • Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
  • Krishna Das
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Snatam Kaur
  • The National


lately, Deuter- the 2 reiki cds, and several other cds from this list:


i have been using steven halperns chakra suite

it works!

at the end of class i am full of light and very balanced, and wonder what the students experience, if they see and feel ?

i started today with the crown chakra track on, should have gone from the beginning upward, it was very transpersonal


One of the yoga instructors I take from usually has David Newman (Durga Das) playing lightly in the background. I find the music to be very relaxing



I usually go without, but occasionally use a CD that mixes light instrumentals with recorded storm sounds (thunder and rain.)


90% of the time I like the sounds of the birds in my garden around me. The odd occasion when I do play music I like:

Slow music for Yoga by Hearts of Space
Inde du Nord by Pandit Ravi Shankar
The Spirit of Yoga by Ben Leinbach


Lately I really enjoy Wade Imre Morissettes’ music , in particular his latest CD "maha moha. I also like the August Rush soundtrack , which adds to the magic of my daily practice.


aztec yoga - that’s cool that you listen to John Lee when practicing, It would make me want to drink whiskey or something. Good for you! :grin:

David - I have tried to like the National, and disagree with Paste magazine - after several listens of Boxer I decided it was not album of the year, not even close. That band makes me feel nothing at all, am I missing something?
:smiley: Don’t feel bad if you disagree, I wrote a review on the album last year, and got bashed by many people that loved it.

I am getting so many great suggestions from all of you, thank you so much !!!



well, it dependes, somtimes i listen chill out, or just meditation music, oriental music…

thats a good way to realax…

the silence is also good :slight_smile:
but chill out music is wonderfull…


I wonder if anyone has tried to practice while listening to death metal or hard core rap? Might be an interesting practice of finding peace in the middle of the storm. Dharana and SLAYER; I think I’ll do that tonight while I practice lol! It should be interesting at least :D!


slayer is cool but not to make yoga lool

hey i also listen metal …but that is not a excuse to make yoga listening metal lool


I did actually go through with my Yoga Metal Music Jam session :). Lets just say that I’ve had better practices in the past, but it was honestly no more disruptive to my yoga than my mind can be. It was an interesting practice and I might try it again sometime or perhaps not but I am glad that I did it. I feel that my own mind creates enough turmoil to sift and focus through and I honestly don’t need to add anymore.


[QUOTE=Aztec Yoga;14819]If you use music in your practice what do you tend to listen to?
Just interested as I listen to all varieties of music when practising. May sound strange to some but John Lee Hooker is great to pratice to! (guess you may have to be a fan first though - who knows!)[/QUOTE]

I listen to Mexican music. It is not joking. I really love it: Cielito Lindo, Cocorico, La bamba, Paloma, Besame Mucho etc.


I started using music in my classes a few years ago initialy to mask the sound of disco music in the gym. I teach in the studio above a gym. I now find that it adds a nice backdrop to the class and use nigel shaw ,jai uttal, krishna das , bliss, reiki music to name a few. Used dave gilmore on a couple of occasions. My favourite though is nigel shaws echo of an ancient forest ,and the river.


For years i’ve been praticing asanas while listening to Goa Trance… It’s really amazing, it’s like music entered your body becoming coloured prana there…
Goa Trance is a true spiritual music yeah!



trance is very nice to entered in a way of energy and pure magical feelings don’t you agree?

but …well…that changes person to person, maybe are people that doesnt like that kind of music and they wnat some espiritual, relaxed music in their soul…

p.s - maybe i’ll try make yoga with some goa trance music :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the help kiss


There’s some great music out there. I’ve not practiced yoga to trance but can imagine it’s great. African drumming is wonderful. The drums are meant to represent the heart beat and as the heart and breath are so important in yoga you can imagine how mesmersing it is.
Sarah x:D


Hey Sacral, try Astral Projection (the band)…
Wonderful for asanas!