Whats name of this mudra?


Whats name of this mudra?
Where can i find how to perform it correctly?


I think it is a Anjali Mudra.


This is called Anjali mudra. Anjali means Salutation and mudra means seal. So it is salutation seal. It is actually perform at the beginning of the Sun Salutation.


Was searching online for anjali.

This is how it looks like, its not similar to the one i posted.

So its not anjali


This is a section of the Kurma Mudra .. when one phase of the mudra is being transmuted to the second. One shoudl learn this from a teacher, and even before one shoudl seek a realised teacher if one shoudl be doing this as it slows down the damanis (and hence heart beat) .

Sarve Sukino Bavantu Om ! thanks . David