When is one ready for yoga retreat?


I’ve been practicing since January 07, so I consider myself a beginner as far as yoga is concerned. I’ve recently heard about about the Colorado Yoga conference and specifically the 3 day Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering which sounds glorious.
If I decide to go I would be alone as yoga is something I don’t really share with any friends (not by choice they simply don’t share an interest). I’m wondering when someone as new to yoga as myself is ready for such an intensive gathering?
Any thoughts?


I think it would be a great idea to immerse yourself in it! It’s a great way to deepen your practice and learn a lot from some of the greatest teachers around the world. Go and enjoy yourself!


Are you referring to the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park in September?

From my experience as an assistant present in Lake Geneva there’s going to be offerings there for practitioners of all levels. So you’d be find going to the conference - though I’d advocate looking carefully through the program to see what might call to you.

Speaking specifically to the Anusara gathering you mention, I have no idea how that is structured nor do I know if you’ve got an Anusara background. If the structure is for students with two years of Anusara practice and you’ve got none, it may be nice but also overwhelming.

Generally speaking, the presenters determine the level of experience for the workshops they’re presenting. Many either do not read the requisites or flatly ignore them and go to intermediate workshops without foundations for them in their bodies. Ultimately that holds the session back or pummels the neophyte, depending on the style of practice involved.

Go to those things that interest you that either have no level requirements or have a requirement that fits your experience.