Where can I find the best natural yoga clothing?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on where to find the best natural yoga clothing? I recently went 100% green and am in need of yoga wear but I do not want to hurt the environment when purchasing my clothing. I have a friend who mentioned Avani Clothing. Any other ideas?

So far I have heard Avani may be the best out there.

You realize of course that if your clothing is not made in Kentucky you’ll be “taxing” the environment by supporting its shipping from California, right? What I would invite yoga students to do in this regard is to do what has integrity for them in their living BUT not allow that to become pretentious or dogmatic (and NO I am not saying that is the case for you).

I can’t speak for the companies in the yoga apparel industry. If one is deeply concerned about “green” then there are many ways to research the company with whom they do business. There is no listing on the BBB and just a scant listing on Hoovers. It seems to be an LA-based company registered in 2008.

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There are many sound clothing manufacturers using fair trade methods, organic materials etcetera. Many of the smaller companies maintain their ethics, however once a company becomes prosperous it also becomes a target for other less ethical companies who see the opportunity to capitalize and increase profits.

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