Which asana for musculus Soleus


I have an issue with my musculus soleus and I cant reach it with traditional stretching.
Which asana is good to use for that?



Dear Tobias,

Welcome to the forum. Please tell us some more about yourself. What is the issue you have with your soleus? And, as Inner Athlete would say:

For the moment, I’ll assume that you would like to stretch your soleus and that you are not succeeding. Possibly that is because of your gastrocnemius. To isolate your soleus from your gastrocnemius, you need to bend your knee. You could sit down, bend your knee and pull the ball of your foot towards you to stretch just the soleus. Alternatively, you could do the traditional calf stretch at the wall, while bending your knee. You will know that you are working on your soleus because the feeling is deeper than the feeling of a stretching gastrocnemius.

Maybe I’m answering the wrong question, but that is all I can do with the information you have provided so far. Please tell us some more and then we will get some yoga answers to you.


Thanks for the reply…

No- it is the right question :slight_smile:

My issue is the following. I need to stretch my soleus since it is contracted and gives me a weak side stability in my right foot. This is propagating and is giving me back problems.
I have got massage on the soleus and it has very painful spots were the muscle is cramping. I’ve been ordered self-massage and stretch. The massage I can do, but with traditional calf stretch it seems as if I cannot reach the muscle (although i bend my knee)

. You could sit down, bend your knee and pull the ball of your foot towards you to stretch just the soleus.

Could I sit in e.g. half lotus when doing this…


I hope the diagnosis and proposed treatment is correct. Who is you advisor? That would be the first person to consult when you are experiencing difficulties.

It is more logical to stretch the soleus as shown in the first image. Can you tell the difference in sensations when you do the calf stretch in the second image?

You have not answered the other questions, especially about your experience in yoga. Only after you have isolated the feeling of your soleus, you could try downward facing dog (with bent knees). I would prefer you to check this with your advisor first.

Figures by Chris Jarmey, The Concise Book of Muscles, 2003


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