# Which Asanas to Avoid if Suffering from Heart Disorder?

Yoga is the key to all heart problems. We all rehearse a few asanas that can reduce the risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, Yoga is not the cure for all heart diseases and has its own limits.

The advantages of yoga are far too many, and this has rightly encouraged many of us to make it a part of our lives.

Despite its plethora of benefits, yoga may not be everyone’s cup of tea, at least not all yogic exercises anyway. There are specific asanas (yogic poses) that should be avoided if you have heart disease, as they may worsen the situation. People with heart disease should always seek the advice of their doctors on which exercises they should and shouldn't do.

Yoga asanas are very effective and can help an individual overcome many illnesses and lead a healthy life. However, if you are suffering from medical conditions like heart disease, you need to avoid some asanas. Before starting yoga, seek the advice of a doctor a one of the oldest and best yoga institutes-Kaivalyadhama, and do the exercises under the guidance of a trained instructor