Why should you buy yoga mats?

Warning from experts
Many experts and dermatologists have recently called on Yoga practitioners to regularly clean and clean the practice mats in their classrooms and individuals.
The bacteria, viruses that love the hot, humid environment and in perspiration exist in the Yoga gyms. Skin exposed to dirty yoga mats in bacteria and bacteria can lead to skin infections, acne, onychomycosis and even transmission of Herpes virus.

Training mats protect you from pathogens
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If a person has dermatological problems but they do not know they have and go to a Yoga class, it is likely that the germs still remain on the carpet and can be passed on to you. So protect yourself from the dangers of being hurt by others as well as from the classroom of your class.
Training mats help protect you from injuries
Why should you buy yoga mats?
Besides, equipping yourself with personal yoga mats, you can choose for yourself the type of carpet that suits your form of exercise. If you like to meditate, you can choose carpet types of moderate thickness. If you regularly practice Asana postures, you will need to give yourself more thicker mats to protect against bone and joint injuries.
Feel more excited in Yoga practice
You can choose the color of the carpet, the decorative pattern on the carpet. For me, the external factors also affect our practice a lot. So if you like the practice mat, I think the practice will be more comfortable and effective.
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