Women's size yoga pants


Hi, I did a search and didnt find this question asked yet…

Does anyone know where I can find womens sized yoga pants? I’m looking for the ones with the fold over waist band in at least a size 20.

thank you in advance.


We have fold over waisted pants on my site in large and xl I believe but I"m not sure how that translates to women’s sizes. My site is indicated below. I would give you a link but I’m understanding it is against the rules.


I know that Gap has plus sizes and I believe they have a yoga line. I’ve bought some fold over pants from them in the past. You can check it out at their website. Shop clothes for women, men, maternity, baby, and kids at gap.com. | Gap


My wife has a pair of the fold-overs from http://www.girlskirtmission.com/ and they look adjustable to any size you want.